Thoughts On the Damage Created by Hurricane Ian

Mother Nature is a powerful being. She can easily provide for those who rely on her. She can also take away.

Last week, Hurricane Ian tore through Florida and North Carolina. As of earlier this evening, the number of dead has risen to 100.

This is climate change, pure and, simple. Granted, we are in the middle of hurricane season. But given the power of the storm and the destruction it left behind, it is obvious that we, as human beings, are contributing to our own demise.

Ian did not care about anyone’s skin color, religion, political affiliation, family origin, etc. The water still came and the wind still raged. Homes and businesses were destroyed. Many were left with only the clothes on their backs and the possessions they had with them.

What makes it worse is the continued callousness of Republican politicians. While their constituents suffer, Florida Republicans vote no on bills that would provide much-needed support. Just another reason to vote blue next month.

May the memories of those who died be a blessing. Z”l.


Chapel Hill Shooting-My Heart Hurts Tonight

Earlier today, three young people were killed today in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. According to the police, it is over a parking spot.

The three victims are Muslim-American. Two of them were a newlywed couple, the third victim was the sister of the bride.

The easy thing to say is that the man who killed them was prejudiced against Muslims. While it is entirely possible, I prefer not to dwell on that, at least until the police have done their job.

What hurts my heart is that three people are dead. None of them were older than 25. They had their entire lives ahead of them, until earlier today. While I do not know their families, I grieve with them just the same.

Every life is precious. Regardless of what labels we use or what others give us, no one has the right to say that their neighbor’s life is worth less than their own because their neighbor adheres to a different set of beliefs or lives a different life.

My heart hurts tonight.



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