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Would My Health Inspector Grandfather Vote for Kathryn Garcia?

Before Covid-19, going out to eat was an everyday and hopefully enjoyable experience. These days, eating in a restaurant may mean the difference between it staying open and closing for good.

During last week’s NYC Mayoral debate, one of the nominees, Kathryn Garcia, stated the following:

“We do need to make sure we are inspecting restaurants, but they can schedule the appointment so they are staffed to be able to manage it moving forward rather than losing a whole night’s worth of receipts,”

One of my late grandfathers worked for the city as a health inspector. I have to wonder, if he was alive today, what would he say to Ms. Garcia and would he vote for her?

Given his devotion to his job and protecting customers from food poisoning, I would think he would completely disagree with her opinion.

My opinion is that we don’t want to fine these restaurants out of business, they have enough on their plates these days. However, it must be said that the sanitary conditions must be up to par, not just for the diners, but for the kitchen staff as well.

In the end, there has to be a balance between keeping these establishments open and the restaurants clean. Is there a middle ground? The truth is that I don’t know if there is one.

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I Agree With the Ban on Indoor Dining in NYC Restaurants

We all know the toll that Covid-19 has taken on our economy.

The latest news coming out of NYC is that as of tomorrow, indoor dining in restaurants is once again banned.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the ban. With Covid numbers rising across the country, it is the only way to try to gain some sort of control over the growing list of cases in the city.

I am fully aware that indoor dining is the only thing that is keeping a good number of restaurants open. However, given that the vaccine has yet to be administered and many refuse to follow the guidelines laid out by the CDC and the government, this is a necessary step to take until this second wave is over.

P.S. Is anyone truly surprised that the upper echelon of White House staffers will be among the first to receive the vaccine?


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