Flashback Friday-Orphan Black (2013-2017)

Science and the ability to play with nature has always fascinated humanity. But there is dark side to science that sometimes creates more problems that solutions.

In the television series Orphan Black (2013-2017),  Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) is a street hustler who finds herself at a train station the moment another woman takes her life by jumping in front of an incoming train. Eager to make a quick buck by pretending to be the dead woman, Sarah notices that she and the woman are mirror images of one another. What starts out as a quick con job reveals that she and the woman are not long-lost twins, but clones. As Sarah discovers the truth about the many clones, she also discovers that someone is making a concerted effort to kill these women.

Can Sarah find out the truth or will the secret forever remain a secret?

This show was one of the most entertaining, intelligent and provocative science fiction dramas of the past few years. It also helped immensely that star Tatiana Maslany played all of the clones in their various incarnations.

I absolutely recommend it.


Orphan Black: The Best Show On TV That Your Not Watching (But Should)

Last year, BBC America introduced audiences to a new television series, Orphan Black and a new heroine, Sarah Manning.

Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) has a past. The first episode of last season, Sarah gets off a train to see another woman, Beth Childs, on the other side of the platform.  Beth and Sarah are mirror images of each other. Within a few moments, Beth jumps into an oncoming train, taking her own life. Looking for a quick buck, Sarah attempts to infiltrates herself into Beth’s life. She soon learns that she is one of several clones. There is Cosima, the lesbian, dreadlocked scientist, Alison, the type A suburban housewife and Helena, raised in a religious cult.

Adding to Sarah’s troubles is that her daughter, Kira (Skylar Wexler)  is being raised by her foster mother, Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy).Her foster brother, Felix (Jordan Gravais) who is her closest companion.

Maslany is nothing short of a phenom. She plays every clone as if they were played by individual actresses, instead of played by one actress. Every clone has her own history, her own way of speaking, her own point of view.   Gravais plays Felix as a fantasy/sci-fi sexually ambiguous, sassy Jack McFarland type. Wexler is adorable as Sarah’s innocent, but aware daughter. Doyle Kennedy, known to Downton Abbey fan as Vera Bates, is both maternal and mysterious.

I’m not one to stay home on Saturday nights just for a TV show, but this show is an exception to the rule.

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