Flashback Friday-The Black Velvet Gown (1991)

There is nothing like a romantic BPD (British Period Drama). Except that some are better than others.

Based on the book by Catherine Cookson, The Black Velvet Gown revolves around a family whose circumstances are changing for the better. Riah Millican (Janet McTeer) is a widow with three young children. She takes a job as a housekeeper for the reclusive former teacher Percival Miller (Bob Peck). Miller educates Riah’s children and will leave her the house at his death, but on condition that she never remarry. Years later, Riah’s daughter, Biddy (Geraldine Somerville) is hired as a laundress in a wealthy house. Her education marks her as different from the other staff and catches the eye of one of the sons of the house.

I have not seen this program in a very long time. While it has the hallmarks of a romantic BPD, it is also an engaging program that entertains.

I recommend it.

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