Flashback Friday-Clash Of The Titans (2010)

There is something about ancient myths that keep audiences and readers come back to them generation after generation. The heroes journey has always captured the imagination.

In 2010, a reboot of the classic film 1981 Clash Of The Titans was released.

Perseus (Sam Worthington) is a son of Zeus and a demi-g-d (half human and half g-d). Andromeda (Alexa Davalos) is the daughter of the King Cepheus. Her father has won a major victory against the g-ds. Hades (Ralph Fiennes) want’s his revenge. Hades demands Andromeda as a sacrifice, otherwise he will unleash the Kraken, a monster who will destroy Cepheus’s kingdom. Desperate to save his daughter and his kingdom, Cepheus turns to Perseus. Can Perseus save the day?

I have never seen the original 1981 film, so I can only speak of it’s reboot. As far as I know, the script does not stray too far from either the original film or the original tale. It’s not a bad film and like any good movie with special effects, they help to tell the story instead of overtaking it.

I recommend it.

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