Throwback Thursday-Pete’s Dragon (1977)

Orphans escaping horrible circumstances is not a new plot line. From Dickens to Annie, this is a plot line that audiences have seen time and again.

In 1977, Disney productions put their own spin on the plot line in Pete’s Dragon.

Pete (Sean Marshall) is an orphan running from his abusive adopted parents, the Gogan family and their matriarch Lena Gogan (Shelley Winters). His best friend is an imaginary dragon named Elliott. Pete and Elliott escape to the warm and loving arms of Nora (Helen Reddy), a light house keeper and her father Lampie (Mickey Rooney) in the small town of Passamaquoddy, Maine.  But trouble is not far behind in the form of Dr. Terminus (Jim Dale) and his associate Hoagy (Red Buttons).

Can Pete find a family can give him the love and support that he deserves? Will he and Elliott escape the clutches of the Gogans and Dr. Terminus?

Like all Disney movies, it is aimed squarely at the 4-12 age group. Most Disney movies are not meant to create deep thoughts and life changing discussions. ┬áBut for a kid’s movie, it could be much worse.

Do I recommend it? I would put this movie in the maybe category.


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