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Throwback Thursday-Pit Bulls & Parolees (2009-Present)

When an overall societal change is required, the first step is the opening of minds.

In 2009, Pit Bulls and Parolees premiered on Animal Planet. The focus of the show is the Villalobos Rescue Center. The owner of the shelter, Tia Torres  employs those who are newly released from jail and shelters Pit Bulls until they can be adopted into loving and hopefully forever homes. The focus of every episode is two potential adopters and the dogs they will be bringing into their home. Some of the episodes also tell the story of the dogs that have been rescued and nursed back to health.

This show can break your heart and heal it in one 60 minute episode. It’s heart breaking when a dog is found abused, starving or left to fend for themselves. It’s also heartwarming to watch the dogs adopted and hoping that their owners will love them as much as the audience wants them to. I’m not a pet person, but this show makes me feel warm and fuzzy toward our four-legged friends.

I recommend it.

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