P!nk Concert Review

There is something to be said about an artist who is still going strong as performer, nearly two decades after their first album was released.

I have been a fan of P!nk since her first album, Can’t Take Me Home, hit in 2000. Last night, I saw her perform at Madison Square Garden for her Beautiful Trauma Tour.

Combining songs from her new album, Beautiful Trauma, with songs from her previous albums, she soared above the crowed, both vocally and physically. One of my favorite qualities about P!nk is that she can jump from being a sarcastic badass to being vulnerable and emotionally open in the blink of an eye.  She sung to the audience and we loved every minute of it.

I recommend it.

P!nk will be playing tonight at Madison Square Garden. Check the website for ticket availability and showtimes. 


Beautiful Trauma Album Review

When P!nk broke into the music world at the turn of the millennium, she was packaged as just another pop princess. But P!nk was determined to be her own artist and not be defined by the genre or the era that saw her become a superstar.

Nearly twenty years and six albums later, she released her latest album, Beautiful Trauma last week. What I love about the album is that it is everything I expected and more from her.

Some of the songs are heartfelt (Barbies), some are political (What About Us) and some are just too darn catchy (Revenge, which is a duet with Eminem).

What I love about this album and what I’ve always loved about P!nk as an artist is that her music is real. There is nothing false or phony about her songs. I love artists who cut past the b*llsh*t and produce albums that are authentic and real. P!nk has always been and hopefully will always be one of those artists.

I absolutely recommend it.

Beautiful Trauma is available wherever music is sold. 

P!nk’s Awesome VMA Acceptance Award Speech

Last night at the MTV VMA’s, P!nk was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Instead of doing the usual acceptance speech, she told a story about a conversation she had with her six-year-old daughter.

I’ve been a fan since her first album. As a performer, she has always been a badass. Last night, she upped her badass to a new level. She encouraged her daughter to be herself, even if she is not part of the crowd. I’ve had nothing but respect for her since day one, my respect for her has grown ten fold since last night.

The problem is in our culture that we are taught that what others think of us matters to the point where our own voices are drowned out. If they don’t like us, then we don’t like us. That attitude leads to a whole host of issues, including mental health issues and addiction.

Last night, P!nk spoke not only to her daughter, but to the millions of fans watching who are afraid to be themselves. It was genuine, it was from the heart and it was exactly what many of us need to hear. For that, she will forever have my everlasting respect.

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