New Randy Rainbow Video-YOU CAN’T STOP HIS TWEETS! A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

There used to be a dignity and a proud sense of self associated with the office of the President Of The United States.

Then Donald Trump became President. That same dignity and proud sense of self quickly went down the drain.

Randy Rainbow’s new video is entitled “YOU CAN’T STOP HIS TWEETS! A Randy Rainbow Song Parody”.

A satire of the song “You Can’t Stop The Beat” from the musical Hairspray, the video highlights how his use of twitter is beyond out of control. Social media is well and good, but he needs to do the job the American people hired him to do.

BTW, here is the original song, just in case your curious.


ALL ABOUT HIS BASE – Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Compromise is on the cornerstones of having to deal with everyone around else. It is especially imperative in politics and even more imperative when one sits in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump does not know the word compromise.

Randy Rainbow release his new video today, All About His Base. What Trump forgets is that he is not just President of his base, he is the President Of The United States. That means he has not only appeal to as many citizens as possible, he also has compromise with his fellow elected officials to keep this country running.

A mashup of the Meghan Trainor hits “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Movin”, Randy Rainbow keeps us laughing and keeps reminding us why we must continue to fight for our democracy. If we don’t, one day it could be no more.

The Great Gasbag: An A-to-Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World Book Review

The View co-host and comedian Joy Behar is not known for being the quiet, retiring type.

Her new book, The Great Gasbag: An A-to-Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World, lays out in very simple and direct terms why Donald Trump is ill-equipped and unfit to claim the title of President Of The United States.

This book is extremely funny and in no uncertain terms lays out that the fact that Americans have elected a man to the office of President Of The United States who is likely to destroy everything we have worked so hard over over the past 241 years. Using a voice that The View fans will immediately recognize, Behar speaks to all of us who feel disheartened, depressed and angry that a man of this nature is sitting in the Oval Office.

I absolutely recommend it.

Trump is F*cking Crazy: (This is Not a Joke) Book Review

In any legitimate democracy, the cornerstone of that democracy is the right to openly and publicly disagree with those in power without fear of recrimination. The United States has been a legitimate democracy for 241 years.

Donald Trump might change that, unless we get him out of power.

Journalist Keith Olbermann’s new book, Trump is F*cking Crazy: (This is Not a Joke), describes Trump as a lunatic, a snake oil, used car salesman who has sold America a false bill of goods and basically unfit for office. Writing in blog and essay form, Olbermann does not mince words. He is clear, from beginning to end why Trump is taking America down a downward spiral and why some of us are foolish and/or blind enough to go down with him.

This book is not only smart and funny, but it goes straight to the point of why Trump should hold any political office, especially President Of The United States.

I absolutely recommend it.

Donald Trump’s Mango Tour

Randy Rainbow has done it again. Using a song from the musical, Evita, he continues to point why Donald Trump is not fit for the office of the President Of The United States.

Thank you, Randy, for your genius, for your talent and for continually making us laugh.

Is Donald Trump This Generation’s Richard Nixon?

I was a few years away from entering the world when Richard Nixon was in the The White House.

My guess is that some those who watched as Watergate unfolded and Richard Nixon was booted from The Oval Office, did not think they would ever see honorable seat of the President Of The United States disgraced again.

Enter Donald Trump and Randy Rainbow’s latest video.

Thank you, Randy. You have made this man’s awful tenure in The White House just a little easier to deal with.

Donald Trump, Again….But This Time On Abortion

Here we go again, another blog post about Donald Trump and why he is should not be taking the oath of office next January. But it must be done.

This time, it is about a topic that should be a private decision, but unfortunately, it is not: abortion.

First he says that women who have abortions should be punished. Then he says that it is not the woman who should be punished, but the medical professional who performed the abortion should be held legally responsible for the abortion.

First of all, when your President, once you make a decision and/or statement, there is no recanting or going back. You stick to your guns.

Secondly, this man not only is on his third marriage, but he has daughters and granddaughters. Let me offer this scenario: Donald Trump is elected President Of The United States (perish the thought, I know, but go with me for this, please) and he signs legislation on a bill that would not only nullify  Roe V. Wade, but it would also send women and/or their doctors to jail for performing abortions.

Let’s say that a woman of child-birthing age within his personal circle is pregnant, but the doctors have determined that if the pregnancy continues to full term, they could not say with 100% certainty that the mother and/or the child will survive the birth. They abort the pregnancy to allow the woman to have other children in the future. The woman and/or her doctors are arrested and forced to stand trial for saving the life of the mother and any future children she may have.

If this is the future of our country, then I am more than a little scared.

I’m going to end this post with a video from the 2008 election, because it just as relevant today as it was then.

And the Republications wonder why 55% of female voters are voting for Hillary Clinton.

Enjoy your weekend.

Throwback Thursday- W. (2008)

It takes a certain type of person whose goal is to be President Of The United States.

In W. (2008), director Oliver Stone and screen writer Stanley Weiser told the story of George W. Bush, the 43rd President Of The United States.

Stepping into the real life shoes of the President and former First Lady Laura Bush were James Brolin and Elizabeth Banks. The movie starts with George’s wild college days and ends with his 2004 re-election to the Presidency.

The thing about this movie is that as free of politics as it tries to be it, it’s impossible. George W. Bush was one of the most controversial Presidents of recent memory. Either you loved him or you hated him. The movie confirmed which side of the fence you were on at the time.

Do I recommend it? Yes, if the audience is looking at it as a study in characters and politics in a satirical film. Otherwise, no because it’s too intertwined with reality.

Flashback Friday-Women In Power-The Contender (2000) & Commander In Chief (2005-2006)

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day, we will be able to refer to the President Of The United States as Madam President instead of Mr. President.

We’re getting there. Between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, we came close to the title of Madam President a few years ago.  While we have yet to see a woman in the oval office, Hollywood has already put her there.

In 2000’s The Contender, Laine Hanson has been nominated to become Vice President Of The United States. During her confirmation hearing, lurid details about her private life are brought to the surface. Will she fight back or will she refuse to answer the allegations?

I fully believe that every woman should see this movie at least once in their lives. With all of the advances that American women have had in the past few decades, we still have a long way to go. While this movie is an entertaining drama, the message is that women must continue to fight for our rights and for equality.

Commander In Chief (2004-2005) starred Geena Davis as Mackenzie Allen, the first female President Of The United States. Nathaniel Templeton (Donald Sutherland) is determined to get her out of the oval office. While Mackenzie is POTUS, she is also balancing the demands of a husband and three growing children.

This show, like many new shows, had a good start. But due to changes in show runners and the creative team, it began to slowly die a painful television death. It’s a shame that this show lasted a short time, because for a while, it was a good show with good writing, good acting and good production values. But such is life.

I recommend both.

Flashback Friday- The American President (1995)

A person in power is always attractive, especially in politics. But what happens when the person in power is attracted to someone across the political spectrum?

In The American President (1995) Andrew Shepard (Michael Douglas) is the President Of The United States. He is also a widower with a growing daughter. The voting public likes his work, the next election seems like a piece of cake. Then Sydney Ellen Wade (Annette Bening), a paid political activist for an environmental lobby enters his life. Politics and personal life will soon clash as Sydney’s past comes to the light and Andrew must decide which (and who) is more important.

I like this movie. Douglas and Bening work well together on screen. The what if element of a single president a lobbyist from across the political spectrum makes for an interesting story.

I recommend it.


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