First Impressions: A Contemporary Retelling of Pride and Prejudice Book Review

One of the earliest examples of the hate-to-love narrative within the bounds of a romance novel is Jane Austen‘s 1813 book, Pride and Prejudice. The up-and-down courtship between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy has thrilled readers for more than two centuries.

Debra White Smith‘s 2004 tale, First Impressions: A Contemporary Retelling of Pride and Prejudice is set in a small town in Texas. From the moment they meet, Eddi Boswick and Dave Davidson dislike each other. Eddi has just opened her own legal practice. Dave has also just moved in with his aunt, preferring that his neighbors know nothing about his past.

When they are cast as Lizzie and Darcy in a local dinner theater production of the book, sparks fly. As much as they hate each other, they cannot deny the mutual attraction. When push comes to shove, will they walk into the sunset together or will Eddi and Dave go their separate ways?

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The title alone, speaks to how much the author respects Austen. First Impressions was the original title before it was changed to Pride and Prejudice. White Smith perfectly balances the original text with the place and time that her story is set in. It is a challenge that many writers (myself included) have taken on and well, taken their best shot at.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely.

First Impressions: A Contemporary Retelling of Pride and Prejudice is available wherever books are sold.


The Clergyman’s Wife: A Pride & Prejudice Novel Book Review

Up until the recent past (and in still in some parts of the world), a woman’s only option was marriage. If she was lucky, the backbone of the relationship would be love. But for other women, the choice of a husband is a pragmatic decision.

The Clergyman’s Wife: A Pride & Prejudice Novel by Molly Greeley, was published last December.

The book takes place three years after Pride and Prejudice has ended. Charlotte Collins (nee Lucas), the best friend of Elizabeth Bennet, has a busy life. Completely aware that she did not marry for love, she is juggling being a wife, a young mother, and her responsibilities to her husband’s parishioners. Her husband, William Collins is not the brightest bulb in the box and. His patroness, Lady Catherine De Bourgh is not afraid to speak her mind. She balances it all with an ease that many would envy.

Then she meets Mr. Travis, a local farmer. For the first time in her life, Charlotte feels like she is more than her myriad duties and the self perception that she is plain. The question is, does he feel the same way and if he does, do they have a future together?

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I like that the author chose to use Charlotte Lucas as her main character. It is rare that she would be given the spotlight in a JAFF (Jane Austen Fanfiction).

The problem is that I did not feel the chemistry between Charlotte and Mr. Travis. I wanted to believe that for the first time in her life, she was the romantic heroine who had a chance at true love. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

The Wait

*-These characters belong to Miss Austen; I am simply a humble admirer. The only character that I have created is Bennet Fitzwilliam Darcy.

The Wait

The wait was becoming too much for Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Lizzy’s labor pains started just after lunch, the sun had already set and the child had yet to enter the world.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet were the only members of the family who had arrived before the birth of the newest member of the Darcy family, the rest of the family would be coming in the next day or so. The only member of the family who declared that she would never go through Pemberley’s doors was Lady Catherine DeBourgh, Mr. Darcy’s maternal aunt. In the nearly three years since her nephew had married Elizabeth Bennet, Lady Catherine had never acknowledged Elizabeth as her niece and in turn, would never acknowledge Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam’s children as family.

“Son, if you continue to walk in that same circle, you will find yourself on the floor” his father in law warned.

Mr. Bennet understood his son in law’s trepidation, the anxiety on the younger man’s face.

“Lizzy is young and strong, I see no reason why she shouldn’t bring a healthy child into the world”.

In his mind, Fitzwilliam was not a grown, married man of one and thirty, waiting for the birth of his first child, but a boy of twelve, watching his father pace around the room with same ferociousness.

His sister, Georgiana was born healthy, but Lady Anne was never the same. She lingered for six months before her body gave out. Loosing his mother was a watershed moment in his then young life, but to loose Lizzy would surely break him.

At the moment when Fitzwilliam could not wait another moment, the creaking of the door announced that Georgiana had entered with a broad smile on her face.

“Come meet your son, Fitzwilliam”.

Bounding up the stairs with his father in law and his sister behind him, Fitzwilliam did not stop until he reached his bedroom.

In the middle of the bed, a sweaty and tired Lizzy, gently held a small bundle her arms.

“Say hello to your papa” taking his son in his arms, Fitzwilliam couldn’t help but be amazed at miracle of life.

“What shall we name him?”.

“Bennet Fitzwilliam Darcy”.

Kissing his young son’s forehead, Fitzwilliam felt a love that he had never known before. This was his son, his heir. The wait was over, but the journey into parenthood had begun.

Wooden Soldiers

*-These characters belong to Miss Austen, only the Darcy children belong to me. I am simply a humble admirer.

Wooden Soldiers

The past two days had been bewildering to Fitzwilliam Darcy.

He and Elizabeth had been quarreling for a reason that escaped both of them. Their children, Bennet and Fannie had noticed their parent’s change of mood and were uncharacteristically quiet.

Bennet snuck into the library, where his father lay with a cold cloth on his head. Reaching for a book, it was just a little too high for him to catch it before it fell. On the way to falling to the ground, the book knocked down a vase that had been purchased by his late paternal grandmother three decades before.

“Bennet William Darcy” his father’s voice thundered throughout Pemberley as the vase smashed into many pieces on the floor.

Bennet began to whimper as Elizabeth, Fannie and Mrs. Reynolds ran into the library.

“Mama” Elizabeth knelt down to her son as tears begin to spill down his cheeks.

“Fitzwilliam, he’s just a boy” Elizabeth chastised her husband as Mrs. Reynolds directed the maids to clean up the remnants of the vase.

“Mama, I’m sorry, I only wanted the book”.

“Next time, darling, if you cannot reach for what you want, you should ask for help”

“Yes mama”.

“I need you and Fannie to go with nanny for a few minutes; I need to have a private word with your father”.

Quietly, the children were led away by their nanny as Elizabeth was alone in the library with her husband.

Mrs. Reynolds heard the tone in her mistress’s voice. Mrs. Darcy was an amiable woman, but she was not above telling her husband when she disagreed with him.

“Whatever quarrel you and I have, Fitzwilliam, do not involve the children. Do you wish your son to grow up with the burden you grew up with?”.

He knew she was right. While George Darcy loved his son, Fitzwilliam knew early in his life of the responsibility that he would one day have.

“I’m sorry, Lizzy, I don’t know what came over me” He cradles his face in his hands, remembering how hard his father had been on him as a boy.

“I know, you are dearest, but you must let our children be children while they are still young”.

“I love you, Elizabeth Darcy”.

“And I love you, Fitzwilliam Darcy” the fight was forgotten, but Fitzwilliam regretted yelling at his son.

“Bennet, come here please”

“Yes, papa” Bennet walked toward his father, the fear easily read in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, son, you were not the reason I was upset. I should not have lost my temper”.

“What about Grandmama’s vase?”.

“Your grandmamma left many things, the vase can be replaced”.

“Truly, papa?” Bennet asked.

“Yes, son, in fact, I have a surprise for you” from behind his back he produced a box of wooden toy soldiers.

“These were mine when I was your age, I want you to have them”.

“Thank you papa” Bennet eagerly ran to the nursery to play with the wooden soldiers.

From that moment on, Fitzwilliam made a promise to himself that his son would have the childhood his father was denied.

Portrait Gallery

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Portrait Gallery

“Bloody hell” Fitzwilliam Darcy opened his eyes, no matter what manner he tried, sleep remained elusive.

He wandered through the halls of Pemberley, until he reached the portrait gallery. It was a mere hallway, but it had been chosen to hold the portraits of Darcy family going back for nearly 200 years.

The most recent portraits were his parents wedding portrait 30 years ago and himself and Georgiana painted a dozen years ago. With every new generation, older paintings had been moved further down, making space for the next generation of Darcy’s.

Fitzwilliam had hoped to add his own family to this wall. The only issue was that the women he so desperately wished to join him on that portrait had blatantly refused him.

“You are mistaken, Mr. Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your declaration affected me in any other way, than as it spared me the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentleman-like manner.”

She saw him start at this, but he said nothing, and she continued,

“You could not have made me the offer of your hand in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it.”

Again his astonishment was obvious; and he looked at her with an expression of mingled incredulity and mortification. She went on.

“From the very beginning, from the first moment I may almost say, of my acquaintance with you, your manners, impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others, were such as to form that ground-work of disapprobation, on which succeeding events have built so immoveable a dislike; and I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry.”

Those words had haunted him. He had tried to remind himself how unwise a match with Elizabeth Bennet was. Her family was wholly unconnected in addition to lacking any sort of decorum. It was not for him that he tried to convince himself that she was unsuitable; it was for Georgiana as well.

She was not out in society yet, but she would be in the next few years. If and when he had married by then, his sister’s chances at a good match were as much hinged on her character as his and by extension, his wife and children.

He could do better for a wife, and he could do worse. Caroline Bingley, if he was of a mind to be persuaded, would be a suitable wife. Her rank and wealth would be approved in the eyes of his peers, but to wake up with her everyday, it sent a chill down his spine.

Of course, his aunt would be more than pleased if he and Anne would ever marry. But again, to wake up next to Anne, that would be worse than Caroline Bingley. She was amiable enough, but too amiable.

He needed a wife who would excite him, in and out of the bedroom, who would make him feel like every day was their honeymoon.

That night they danced at Netherfield, he could feel her fine eyes burning into him. If they were not in a crowded ballroom and propriety demanded control, he would kissed her until their lips were bruised and swollen, until she truly knew how much he loved her.

But fate and his foolish pride had chosen otherwise. She loathed him and would likely end up married to another man. His punishment was appropriate, he hoped he might be one day back in her good graces, but if he was unable to, Elizabeth Bennet would always reside in his heart.

Letter From Lady Anne

*-These characters (with the exception of the Darcy children) with love and respect, belong to Miss Austen. I am simply a humble admirer.

Letter From Lady Anne

The letter had been discovered by one of the maids. The youngest Darcy children, the twins, Miss Frances Darcy and Master Charles Darcy had grown to an age appropriate to leave the nursery and inhabit rooms of their own.

The rooms chosen for them had long been closed up, storing the clothes and personal effects of their late paternal grandmother, the Lady Anne Darcy. The maids were charged with preparing the rooms for the children when the letter fell out of last remaining trunks.

After briefly reading the letter’s contents, it traveled swiftly from the hands of the maid to Mrs. Reynolds straight to the master’s study.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, the master of Pemberley and the son of Lady Anne was stunned by the contents of the letter.

“My dear Fitzwilliam

I am sorry, my darling boy that I will not live to see you grow to manhood. There is still so much I wish to teach you, but it seems that fate has other plans for me. Mind your father and be the brother Georgiana will need in the coming years. I cannot write for very long, as my strength leaves me quickly.

If I am to make one last request of you, Fitzwilliam, is that when you are of an age of marry, marry only for love. Your Aunt Catherine will tell you that a lady’s fortune and rank will tell you if she is worthy of your hand, but do not her guidance sway you. Listen only with your heart, it will guide you to a lady who is worthy enough to possess it.

Your aunt has confided in me that she wishes a match between you and Anne. It is not my wish, nor is it your fathers, unless you truly love Anne and she loves you. Trust your heart, my dearest son, and I promise you will have everything you desire.

I am always, your loving mother, etc
Anne Darcy

“Find Mrs. Darcy. Tell her I must see her immediately” Darcy said to the maid walking by his study, carrying the linen.

“Yes, sir”.

“Darling, what is it?”.

“This is the proof I have been hoping for” Fitzwilliam had always known that he and Anne were not suited as husband and wife. His marriage to Elizabeth had been a happy marriage, producing three children, including the requisite male heir. And yet, his aunt was as vociferous as ever in her criticism of his wife, their children and their home.

“I must away to Kent immediately; the abuse ends today”.

“Fitzwilliam!” Elizabeth called out, but her husband had already called for the horses to be made ready.

“Mr. Darcy, to see you ma’am” he was announced at Rosings.

“Have you finally come to your senses, nephew?” his aunt demanded.

“You, madam, from this day forward, will cease and desist the abuse you have heaped upon my wife and my family. My mother only wished for me to be happy in my marriage, regardless of whom I married. It has been your wish and your wish alone that I had married Anne”.

“How dare you insult me in my home” Lady Catherine rose to her feet, her defiance as great as her nephew’s “It was mentioned me many times by my sister that she wished to see you and Anne wed”.

“Do you not recognize your own sister’s handwriting?” The letter was placed in her hands.

“She must have been mistaken; my sister was too romantic for her own good”.

“I do not believe my mother was mistaken in her wish for my future. I will say this one more time, cease and desist the abuse, otherwise I will return”.

For the first time in a long time, Lady Catherine DeBourgh was silent. For the rest of their years together, neither Elizabeth, Fitzwilliam or any of their relations heard of any previous abuse from Lady Catherine.

Family Dinner

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 Family Dinner


“Must we go tonight? I can think far more pleasant activities to occupy the evening” Fitzwilliam groaned as his wife finished tying his cravat.

“We must go, my darling, otherwise mama will never let us hear the end of it” Elizabeth understood her husband’s trepidation; she knew how her mother could be, even on her best day.

A week ago, a letter has arrived at Pemberly from Longbourn, containing Mrs. Bennet’s unmistakable handwriting.

“Lizzy, you and Fitzwilliam must come to dinner a week from tomorrow, for I am anxious to see you and the children, it has been ages since your father and I have seen you”.

“At least tell me that Charles and Jane will be in attendance” Fitzwilliam adored his wife and his children and found his father in law to be quiet but extremely tolerable. The addition of Jane and Charles and their respective children would only lighten the mood.

But it was his mother in law, Mrs. Bennet and her daughters, who were not yet married, Kitty and Mary who he dreaded. Mary, engrossed in her books and her music, never really speaking except of remind them of some obscure religious tract and Kitty, still very much unrestrained and girlish in her actions.

Then there was Mrs. Bennet, who like Kitty, was often unrestrained in her actions and her words. But Elizabeth often reminded her husband that her mother’s actions were not out of malice, but love, in her own way of course.

“Charles and Jane are on the continent, they will be returning next month” Elizabeth reminded her husband.  Charles had been traveling to the continent for business and instead of leaving Jane and the children at home; he decided to make it a family vacation in addition to his business.

Fitzwilliam groaned again, the company of his friend could drone out the most trying conversation of their respective mother in law.

“I will reconcile you with one thought” Elizabeth offered.

Not even you, my beloved, can offer any reconciliation” Fitzwilliam thought to himself, but let his wife continue.

“Lydia and Wickham are still sequestered at Newcastle, they will not be returning until Michaelmas”.

The thought of having spent a meal with George Wickham sent a chill through Darcy. His dislike and extreme distrust of the man had only intensified over the years, making any situation where he was forced to be in the room with his former childhood playmate to be utterly unbearable. The only positive action that had come out his connection to Wickham was that after nearly a year their first meeting, the forced marriage of Lydia to Wickham had brought him to his heart’s true desire.

“Pardon me, Mr. Darcy, the carriage is waiting” Mrs. Reynolds knocked on the door.

“I suppose, Lizzy that means we must go” Darcy came to the unhappy conclusion.

“Yes, it does” Lizzy agreed.

“Are the children ready?” Lizzy asked, opening the door.

“Yes, ma’am”.

“It’s only a few hours” Lizzy held out her hand to her husband’s.

“I suppose”.

“They could be coming to Pemberley” Lizzy reminded him as they climbed into the carriage.

Again, Darcy knew this wife was right. As much as Mrs. Bennet loved her daughters, she loved to brag that her elder daughters had married very well. Her non stop praise of both Netherfield and Pemberly irritated him to no end, especially when she visited. At least when they visited Longbourn, there was always the opportunity to exit if needed.

As the carriage pulled into Longbourn, Lizzy squeezed his hand as Mrs. Bennet’s overly loud voice echoed from the door. Taking a deep breath, he exited the carriage. This was to be long evening.

The End

On His Own

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 On His Own

At first glance, one might see Charles Bingley as an amiable man who looked upon everyone he met with a gentle eye and a warm heart. That in fact, was the truth of his character. His good friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy and his sisters, Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst knew of his character and made certain attempts to prevent him from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous sorts.

He had been in love before, or so he claimed. Every woman he met was beautiful and charming. The most beautiful and charming of all of the women he had ever come into acquaintance with was a Miss Jane Bennet, the eldest daughter of a minor country gentlemen. She had four younger sisters and a very small inheritance. Charles had not spoken that he loved her, but his companions could see it in his eyes, in his actions.

His sisters claimed to like Miss Bennet, for she was sweet and agreeable, but upon seeing the actions of Miss Bennet and her immediate family, they had come to the conclusion that Mrs. Bennet was like every country mama, looking for a rich husband for her daughters and her eldest daughter had no true feeling for Charles beyond his income. It was thus concluded and explained to Charles that a match with Miss Bennet was improper.

Half heartedly, he agreed. He left Netherfield, hoping that one day; she would forgive him for his actions.

He got that chance, only a few months later, noticing the carriage pulling away from the London townhouse he shared with Caroline.

“Who was in that carriage?” Charles inquired of his housekeeper.

“A Miss Jane Bennet to see your sisters, sir”.

She was here, in London, a fact which had been concealed from him.

“Caroline, was Miss Bennet here?” he asked pointedly.

“Yes, Charles, she just left”.

“Why did you not tell me she was here?”.

“We did not want to disturb your work, Charles, we were perfectly capable to entertaining Miss Bennet by ourselves” Louisa interjected.

“Charles, where are you going?” his sisters demanded.

But before they could get answer, he was already in the carriage, directing the driver to his lawyer’s office. Miss Bennet had mentioned that her uncle was a lawyer, living in Cheapside. If he wished to find her and make amends, there was only one place to start.

Two hours later, Charles stepped into the office of Mr. Edward Gardiner.

“May I help you sir?” the clerk asked.

“Is Mr. Gardiner in?”.

“Do you have an appointment?”.

“No, I don’t, my name is Charles Bingley, I am acquainted with his sister’s family in Meryton”.

He was led into the office of Mr. Gardiner.

“So you are Charles Bingley”.

“I am sir”.

He took a moment to assess the young man who stood before him. Fanny had enthusiastically written to her brother, that their presence would soon be needed in Meryton for a wedding. Not even a month later, her letters took an entirely sober tone, Mr. Bingley and his party had departed Netherfield, the day they would return was unknown.

Jane was a quiet girl, she had always been. Her uncle suspected that Mr. Bingley’s sudden departure had led to his eldest niece’s more somber tone.

“I understand from my sister that your departure from Meryton was rather sudden, they were quite fond of your company”.

“Our departure was not of my choosing, my companions felt it was best for all if we moved on”.

“I suspect young man, that you have sought me out to make amends for your sudden disappearance”.

“Yes, sir, though I cannot make amends to all, perhaps your eldest niece would be good enough, at least for the present”.

“Well, you seem eager enough to make amends. You are invited tomorrow night for dinner, if my niece sees fit to forgive you, that is her choice”.

The next night, as the housekeeper prepared the table for dinner, Mrs. Gardiner asked why an additional place was being set.

“It was the masters order, ma’am”.

“We are having a guest for dinner” .

“May I ask who?”.

“You shall know when he arrives” Mr. Gardiner replied.  He had only known of Charles Bingley through his sister’s letters, but he suspected some unspoken feelings between the young people.

“Mr. Bingley” Jane was surprised to see him in the entrance of her aunt and uncle’s house.

“Miss Bennet”.

They looked at each other for a moment, waiting for the other to speak first.

“How are your sisters since I saw them last?” Jane asked.

“They are well. And you? Your family?”.

“My sisters are both well, thank you” she replied.

“Pardon me, miss, the master has called for dinner to begin” the maid led the both of them to the dinner table.

“My love, what exactly are you planning?” Mrs. Gardiner asked her husband, noticing the two young people had been placed together at the table.

“Wait and see, my dear” her husband replied with a smile.

Dinner was a relatively quiet meal, without much excitement.

After dinner, Mrs. Gardiner hurried her children to prepare for bed.

“Mama, we want to stay up with cousin Jane” The Gardiner’s children adored their older cousins and were thrilled that Jane was staying with them.

“Not tonight, my dears” Mrs. Gardiner ushered her children upstairs, finally understanding her husband’s plan.

“It is lovely night” Charles commented.

“It is” Jane agreed.

How lovely you are” he thought.

They stood for the next few moments in silence. He dared not reach out; even to brush her hand if only for a moment. It would take only that moment to draw out everything he wished he could say to her.

“I think, Miss Bennet, that our evening must draw to a close, Caroline will be concerned about my whereabouts”.

“Of course Mr. Bingley, it was a pleasure to see you again” Jane started usher him out. He could feel his heart beating, if he walked out now, he might never have this chance again.

“Miss Bennet…Jane” he stammered and then burst out uncharacteristically “I love you; I have loved you since the moment we met. I beg of you to forgive me, I never meant to hurt you. Please marry me”.

“Mr. Bingley, I, uh, I thank for your offer, but I must consider what have proposed, your absence has caused me much to consider”.

“Of course, take as much time as you need” kissing her hand, he then walked out.

If he had proposed three months ago, her answer would have been an immediate yes. But his sudden departure had caused her truly consider what her life would be with him. Or was Elizabeth starting to influence her?

The question that haunted her as she sat down to write to Elizabeth.

“Mr. Bingley has proposed to me. He must have found out our uncle’s residence from his sisters. I do love him, Lizzy, but I do not know if marriage is the best choice, for I fear that he may put my opinions second to his sisters and Mr. Darcy’s. Please write and advise me, for it is your opinion that I rely on most.

 Your beloved sister, etc


A week later, Elizabeth’s letter arrived.

 “If you love him Jane, then I see no reason to not accept him. However, I believe that must make him understand he must put your marriage first, for you both are of such an amiable disposition, that your opinions would be drowned out by others.  Write to me and tell me of your answer, for I would dearly love to see you happy.

 Yours, etc


 It just over a week later, that Jane finally wrote to him. The week since the dinner at her uncle’s house had progressed to the point of madness. He wondered if she had even considered his proposal, or even if she had left another man in Meryton. After all, he had left her unexpectedly and she was far from lacking in agreeability, intelligence and beauty.

 Then the letter came.

“Mr. Bingley, I have answer for you. If you are free tomorrow, I should like to speak with you”

 Yours etc

Jane Bennet

Dropping the letter, he called for the carriage. Two hours later, he returned.

 “Charles, where have you been?” Caroline asked.

Then she saw what he had purchased.

“Charles Edward Bingley, do not tell me that you still wish to marry Miss Bennet?”.

“As a matter of fact, I do intend to marry her”.

“Charles, I implore you, do not marry her. Think of yourself, think of me, think of our family reputation. Her family is ridiculous and will ruin us all”.

“Caroline” while her brother was normally quite amiable, he could only take so much “I will marry Miss Bennet, if she will have me, which I hope she will, especially after the way you and Louisa have treated her. After we are wed, if you do not extend every courtesy to her family, you will not be welcome in my home”.

With that, Caroline Bingley became quiet, a feat which few had been able to accomplish.

The next day, Charles entered the Gardiners home.

“I understand, young man, you wish to marry my niece” Mr. Gardiner was quick the point.

“I do sir”.

“And you, Jane, would you marry him?”.

“I would uncle”. Jane replied.

If they were properly betrothed, he would have kissed her; reveling in what he hoped would be the first of many kisses.

But they were not, there was still one obstacle; Jane’s father. He knew little of Mr. Bennet; he only hoped that he would approve their marriage.

“Well, young man, it is not for me to ultimately decide who my nieces marry, but I shall write to my brother in law and inform him of your proposal”.

A week later, Charles arrived at Longbourne, anxious about the conversation he was about the conversation he was about to have.

Jane had arrived the day before, to prepare her family for Mr. Bingley’s arrival.

“Come in Mr. Bingley” Elizabeth opened the door for him.

“Mr. Bingley” he was greeted in turn by each of the younger Bennet girls, who had to be shooed away by Elizabeth.

“I trust your journey was uneventful, sir” Mrs. Bennet and Jane approached him.

“Extremely uneventful”.

“My father wishes to speak to you, Mr. Bingley”.

The day before she was to return to Hertfordshire, they spoke privately.

“Are you positive? I have treated you abominably; I do not want to force you into marriage in which you feel I would be unreliable…”.

“I understand your reasoning, Charles, I only hope that it is your opinion and heart you will consider before your sisters and Mr. Darcy”.

He light up at her use of his Christian name.

“May I kiss you?” he asked.


It was chaste and sweet, but it felt like the beginning of something new and wonderful.

Then she took a step back and became quiet.

“What? Have I become too forward?” Charles asked.

“No, I feel as if I am to blame, had I spoken of my feelings sooner…”.

“My dear, sweet Jane, you are blameless. I was too easily persuaded, I should have come forward sooner”.

“But it was I who should have expressed myself…”.

“May we leave it as we were both wrong?” Charles asked.

“Yes” Jane agreed. “I believe sir; we have completed our first quarrel”.

“We indeed, have, madam”.

“Jane, send Mr. Bingley in and close the door behind you” came her father’s voice.

“I have received an interesting letter from my brother in law, it seems, sir, you have laid a proposal of marriage at feet of my eldest daughter”.

“I have, sir”.

“Has she accepted you?”.

He tried to remain calm, but the thought that she had accepted him, despite his actions, brought a smile to his face.

“Yes, she has”.

“I have concerns, Mr. Bingley. I know my Jane loves you, but I also know the heartbreak she experienced when you left Meryton.  Knowing that Jane and my grandchildren are unhappy are not the thoughts that should cross a father’s mind when he lays his head down at night”.

His heart immediately dropped to his stomach, he was nearly expecting that Mr. Bennet would refuse his blessing.

“However, I admire a man who has the courage to admit when he had made a mistake. As I stated, Jane’s happiness is all that I wish for and if you should make her happy for the rest of her days, I see no reason to impede your marriage”.

“Thank you, sir, you will not regret your decision” Outside the door came a loud cheer.

“I am sure I wont, sir” letting his wife and his daughters celebrate Jane’s engagement, he returned to his paper.

Within a month, they were married. The morning after the wedding, they lay in their bridal chamber.

“What shall we do now?” Jane asked. The shock of their first intimate act as husband and wife soon gave way to a very pleasurable evening.

“I think it is high time that Darcy should be wed and I do believe your sister Elizabeth would be a fine wife for him”.

“My sister would rather walk on cut glass than even consider a marriage proposal from  Mr. Darcy”.

“Is that a challenge?” Charles asked.

“Perhaps” Jane replied.

But that was for tomorrow, for the rest of the day, everyone else faded into the background.


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I watched her sleep. After nearly a week, her fever was dying down and her color was returning.

The physician has confirmed that Miss Bennet’s health was returning and she could return home within a day or two. Her sister, Miss Elizabeth had come to nurse her; she was the best nurse to be found. I doubted my sisters would do the same for each other.

I knew I should not be standing in her room, but I could found myself rooted to the floor.

Mrs. Bingley, Mrs. Jane Bingley. How wonderful that sounds. I can already see the children we will have and life we will have together.

Of course my sisters and Darcy will tell me otherwise. She has a very small inheritance, country manners, low connections and immediate relations that my sisters would prefer to remain as far away from as they could.

“Charles, where are you?” I heard Caroline’s voice from the bottom of the stairs.

“I shall be right down” I replied.

Perhaps as soon as she is well, I will pay a visit to her father, to get permission to court her properly. It’s time I married and there is no other woman I wish to call wife than Jane Bennet.

Growing Up: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction

The only characters that are mine are Bennet Darcy and Travis Connelly. The rest are not mine.

 Growing Up

There was a rush to close the door behind them, a hushing between kisses and the falling of clothes.

“You’ve done this before”.

“College is a marvelous thing”.

Then the lights flew on as the mood quickly evaporated.


Two Hours Earlier 

A reunion with Georgiana’s best friends from high school at the local dance club led to another fortuitous meeting.

“No way”.

Standing two feet from them, with his back turned to them was Travis Connelly.  Travis Connelly was Mr. Popular in high school; almost every girl in their class had a crush on him, Georgiana included.

But she was shy at the time and being little sister to a very overprotective Fitzwilliam Darcy was not the way to get Travis Connelly to notice her.

But that was high school and she was no longer a shy sixteen year old.

“Go” Georgiana’s friends egged her. Fueled by her friends encouraged and her last martini she sauntered over to him.

That led to a nearly 90 minute conversation and drive back to her house, where she was sure everyone was asleep.

“This way” she led up the back staircase, where Mrs. Reynolds, the housekeeper would not hear them.

“Where is your brother?” Travis whispered.

“He and Lizzie went out; they won’t be back for hours”.

“Good” they started to go at it when Georgiana stopped him suddenly.

“You have plastic?” she asked.

“Always” he replied.

Then the lights flew on as the mood quickly evaporated.


Five minutes before

“Fitzwilliam Darcy, what on earth do you mean?”.

“Your cousin has his moments”.

They had been out to dinner with William and Charlotte Collins, celebrating Charlotte’s birthday.  Both Will and Lizzie considered her cousin rather odious, but Charlotte was Lizzie’s best friend, so William Collins was tolerated, if only to a point.

“When every other word out of his mouth isn’t Mrs. DeBourgh…”.

“Oddly, he didn’t mention her once”.

“That is his present to Charlotte this year, one day without your aunt being mentioned”.

“That is what I call a birthday present”.

“How was your dinner, Mr. Darcy?”  They were greeted by the housekeeper, Mrs. Reynolds.

“Excellent, where is everybody?”.

“The children are asleep”.

“Georgie” Lizzie asked.

“I don’t believe Miss Georgiana has returned home”.

“That’s strange, she usually calls when she is on the way home” Fitzwilliam flipped open his phone.

“Well perhaps she has already come home, if you excuse me, I will retiring, good night”.

As Mrs. Reynolds walked toward her room, the house was oddly quiet, almost too quiet.

Then the sounds started.

Grabbing the nearest weapon they could, which was their son’s plastic baseball bat, they creeped toward the noise and opened the door where the noise was coming from.

He flipped on the light, not expecting to see the source of the noise.


“Mr. Darcy, sir, it was pleasure to see you again, Mrs. Darcy” Travis dropped the condom, pulled his pants up and ran out as fast as his legs could carry him.

“What is this meaning of this?” he demanded as his sister attempted to return her clothes to their previous state.

“A little fun, can’t I have little fun once in a while?”.

“Not that kind of fun, young lady”.

“Excuse me, I am after the little sister of Fitzwilliam Darcy who has to be in locked in at night…”.

“Do not put words in my mouth, after all I have done for you..”.

“Will, that is enough; Georgie, I don’t know where you were tonight, but you’ve drunken enough to loosen your tongue.  You’re going to sleep it off and we will talk about it in the morning, like calm, rational, sober adults” Lizzie stepped in.

Brother and sister meekly complied.

The next morning, Georgiana dragged herself to the breakfast table where Lizzie placed a rather fowl looking and smelling drink in front of her.

“Smells like cat pee”.

“It’s not, it’s my father’s hangover cure, now drink up”.

“Mommy, Aunt Georgie looks sick” Will and Lizzie’s five year old son, Bennet commented.

“Never you mind your aunt, just finish your breakfast” Lizzie replied.

“Georgiana, we need to talk”.

“Let her shower, Will”.

“Georgie, I gave your clothes from last night to Mrs. Reynolds to take to cleaners. I also laid out your clothes for today”.

“Lizzie, I am not the sixteen year old I was, you don’t have to treat me like a child anymore” Georgiana stepped out of the shower.

“Your behavior last night was childish. What were you thinking drinking that much and taking a stranger home?”.

“I am so tired of being treated like a child, Lizzie. I am 22; I would like experience some things for myself”.

“You will, Georgie, I promise you, but you can’t scare us like that”.

“Are you dressed?” Will knocked on from outside.

“Two minutes, Will”.

“I’ll let you get dressed, whatever he says, he only loves you”.

“I know, Lizzie, thanks”.

“What you did last night was irresponsible and foolish” Will began “I am not trying to lock you up, I just don’t want to experience some things that you are not ready for”.

“I am not so innocent, Will, you and Lizzie did it all the time, even before you were married”.

“That’s not the point. I want to be an uncle, but not right now. You’re my only sister; I’m only looking out for you”.

“I know, Will, just let me try, that’s all I ask”.

“It may be a little hard for me, but I will try. So, that boy…”.


“Do you like him?” Will asked, trying not to sound uncomfortable.

“He’s from high school; he never gave me the time of day then. He was there, I was there…”.

“I get it. There was a girl who was in my sociology glass sophomore year of college.  Wouldn’t give me the time of the day, I later found out she thought I was rude and self centered”.

“What happened to her?”.

“Will, Georgie, I hate to interrupt, but we promised the kids we would take them to the zoo today” Lizzie knocked on the other side of the door.

“Tell them five minutes” Will replied.

“I will get them ready” Lizzie replied before walking away.

“This conversation is not over. Rest up and we will talk about this Travis boy when I come back” Will started to get up.

“Will, whatever happened to that girl from college that you liked?”.

“I married her” Will said with a smile, walking out.

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