Throwback Thursday- Princess Caraboo (1994)

We all want what we cannot have. Whether it is love, money, fame or status, we try to reach for the brass ring, even it means fudging the truth a little.

The 1994 movie, Princess Caraboo is about reaching for the brass ring, even if it means fudging the truth a little.

In 19th century Bristol England, a young woman (Phoebe Cates) speaking an unknown language is being tried for begging. Then a man steps up claiming to speak her language. He states that she is a foreign princess named Caraboo. A family of local aristocrats invites her into their home in hopes of improving their social standing. But a reporter quickly becomes suspicious. Is Caraboo really a foreign princess or is she a con artist trying to escape the law?

This movie is interesting. Part traditional BPD (British Period Drama), part social satire and part mystery, the film asks it’s audience if reaching for the brass ring is better than being themselves.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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