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Have the Republicans Become Rats Jumping From a Sinking Ship?

During any Presidential election season, voters expect that both Democrats and Republicans will stick with and support other members of their party. Some may choose for various reasons, to vote for a candidate from the other party. But, for the most part, we stay with the political party we are affiliated with.

But this Presidential election looks to be different. After four years of supporting and defending you know who, there a number of Republican Senators who are slowly backing away from him.

Are the rats abandoning the sinking ship?

As I see it, this new development tells me exactly who these politicians are. Like the “dear leader” they defended and supported only a short time ago, these men and women are clearly only out for themselves. They care nothing for their constituents who voted them into office.

Now it’s time for them to pay. We will not forget where their priorities and loyalties were placed. In two weeks, we will remind them who holds the cards in this game.



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