Flashback Friday-Restaurant Stakeout (2012-2014)

The success of a company depends not just on those at the top, but those on the bottom.

Restaurant Stakeout aired on the Food Network from 2012-2014. The premise of the show is as follows: restaurant owners suspect that something that is not on the up and up within their restaurant. Famed NYC restaurateur Willie Degel assists the owners by recording and observing staff via hidden cameras. Using the evidence gathered, Willie is able to assist the owner by identifying and correcting the issues that are plaguing the restaurant.

I like Restaurant Stakeout. I like it because unlike other shows that fall into the sub-genre of “restaurant based reality shows”, the focus is solely on the service that the diners receive. The truth of eating out is that the meal may be the most delicious meal you have ever had, but if the service is not up to snuff, it is unlikely that you will come back for another meal.

I recommend it.

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