The Roommates Book Review


Most of us have had at least one roommate in our lives. We may have shared a bedroom with a sibling when we were young, shared a bunk bed during summer camp, lived with roommate in a 20 x 20 dorm in college or even shared an apartment in our post undergrad, early adult years.

If we are lucky, we can at least get along with our roommates in adult, civilized manner. If not, well then, that is one more roommate horror story to the list.

Author Stephanie Wu’s new book, The Roommates: True Tales Of Friendship,¬†Rivalry, Romance And Disturbingly Close Quarters is about this subject.

While the names have been changed or removed, the stories range from sweet and romantic, to sad and finally just plain gross.

I found myself laughing out loud. They are authentic, funny and sometimes puke inducing. Anyone who has a had roommate will be able to relate to the stories.

I recommend this book.

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