Runaway Heiress: A Novel Book Review

When facing a conflict, sometimes the option of running away is presented as a viable solution. But running away only adds to the problem instead of solving it.

In Syrie James’s new romance novel, Runaway Heiress: A Novel Book, Alexandra Atherton is an American heiress who is in London to find an aristocratic husband. Her mother is pushing for a match that Alexandra would do anything to avoid. That includes running away and taking on a new identity. Her plan is to return to New York before anyone can notice that she is gone. But that plan doesn’t quite go through as Alexandra imagined it to be.

Thomas Carlyle, the Earl of Longford, has a title, but not the income to maintain the title or the family home. He earns what he can as a painter, but it’s barely enough to make ends meet. Then he meets Alexandra, who awakens feelings him that he has long since buried. He could walk away from her, but Thomas also has two younger sisters who have again forced another governess to find another employer.

Instead of being a short-term solution to a long-term problem, Alexandra finds that she is succeeding as a governess. She is also getting closer to her charges and her employer. The problem is that the relationship between her and Thomas is crossing the line from employer and employee to something else. The question is, how will that relationship change when Alexandra’s secret is revealed?

I’ve been a fan of Syrie James for a few years. This book only adds to my esteem for her work. The book is well written, the tension is just right and the physical/sexual interaction between Alexandra and Thomas is perfect.

I recommend it.


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