Saturday Night Live The Exhibition

Over the last 40 years, Saturday Night Live has cemented itself into our culture. Irreverent, laugh out loud and sometimes controversial, Saturday Night Live has always seemed to have it’s finger on the pulse of what the American public is thinking and feeling.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the program, NBC aired a special earlier this year, celebrating the show’s history and it’s impact on this country.  Expanding on the special, Saturday Night Live, The Exhibition, opened at the end of May.

The experience leads visitors through the week and the process of putting the show together. Props, costumes, photographs and entire and video interviews of cast and crew sets are laid out throughout the exhibition. From the initial stages of writing to creating costumes, sets, the exhibition is not the staid and boring museum.  It is vibrant, alive and a thrill for any fan.

I absolutely recommend it, it is a must see exhibit.

Saturday Night Live, The Exhibition is located at 417 5th Ave In New York City.  

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