Ocean Wonders: Sharks Review

Unlike other predators, sharks have developed a certain reputation for being blood thirsty creatures who have a particular taste for human flesh.

The New York Aquarium recently opened their new exhibit entitled Ocean Wonders: Sharks. The exhibit not only presents the various species of sharks in a recreation of their natural habitat, but it also shows how important sharks are to the natural order.

Opening on June 30th, the visitor is greeted by an overhead tunnel of water that has been recreated as a reef. As the visitor walks through the exhibit, they are presented with the facts about sharks in a way that teaches without getting on the soap box.

Though the education aspect of the exhibit is important, it is the visuals that are captivating. If the overhead tunnel is not enough to make to excite the visitor, is the very large tank that is the center of the exhibit. Containing sharks and other marine life, it is a wonder of an experience to see these creatures living in harmony.

I absolutely recommend it.

The New York Aquarium is located on Surf Ave and West 8th Street in Brooklyn, NY. Check the website for hours and ticket prices. 


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