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Sinners And The Sea Book Review

In the Bible, most of the women, with the exception of a minority, we know nothing of. They are simply the wife of ____ or the daughter of ______. Their names, their faces, the details of their lives, other than being someone’s wife or daughter are unknown to us. Thankfully, with the feminist movement, scholars and authors have started to go back to the Bible and gives names, faces and lives to these previously unknown women.

Rebecca Kanner’s new book, Sinners And The Sea: The Untold Story of Noah’s Wife, tells the story of Noah and the flood from her perspective. Her name is unknown to us. We only know that she was born with a birthmark that causes her neighbors to accuse her of being marked from the other world. To keep her safe, her father marries off to Noah, a man who talks to g-d more than he talks to her. Noah’s home is in Sorum, a town full of outcasts. She initially believes that raising her sons in a town like Sorum will be the ultimate challenge, but the coming flood will pose a greater challenge than even she can imagine.

I normally like books of this nature, but I am not sure why I didn’t like this story. Is it because unlike the Matriarchs or  Queen Esther, we know something about their lives and we know nothing about this woman, not even her name? Maybe.  Ms. Kanner, I think took certain creative license with this story, which I would expect any writer to do.  But for some reason, this book did not click with me.

Do I recommend this book? Maybe.

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