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The CA Gun Law to the SC & TX Abortion Laws: Top That

The game of politics can often be ground down to the game of top that.

With a growing number of states (among them Texas and South Carolina) with the United States enacting severe anti-abortion laws, California has responded with its own law.

The proposed bill, according to a press release from Newsom, would allow Californians to sue “anyone who manufactures, distributes, or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun kit or parts” for damages — the same injunction-skirting mechanism Texas has used to ban all abortions after six weeks, which has so far been permitted by the Supreme Court.

The lawmakers who have created and enacted these draconian pieces of legislation knew exactly what they were doing. They knew that if their bills were written in a certain way, it would be impossible for the Supreme Court (or any court) to strike it down.

Bravo to Governor Newsom. At least someone is thinking rationally.

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The Flag Of South Carolina

Sometimes, it takes a an extraordinary event to force change.

Last week’s murder of nine African-Americans in Charleston proved once more that even with the great strides we have made toward transparent and real racial equality, we have a long way to go.

Since the news of the murders, many have called for South Carolina to change the state flag.

Many in the region might say that history and tradition  are the reason that the Confederate flag remains the state flag despite the history that the flag represents.

But there are others that see the flag as representative of an era when African-Americans were forced into slavery and prevented from receiving their full rights as human beings and citizens.

We cannot go back to the past and change what has already happened. But we can move forward and learn from the past. That includes changes the images that represent the past that we do not want to repeat.

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