Throwback Thursday: Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007)

Every generation has its own beloved television science fiction series. While some last a good few years and remain beloved in the hearts of their fans long after it has left the air, others have faded into obscurity.

Stargate SG-1, the sequel to Stargate (1994) aired between 1997 and 2007. Colonel Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) is part of a secret military team whose job it is to explore newly discovered planets. Their mode of transport is the stargate. Included in the team is Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Major Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), and Teal’c (Christopher Judge).

I’ve heard of the series but had not watched it until recently. It struck me as one of those science fiction programs that has a niche audience and is somehow able to survive in spite of a lack of larger cultural awareness. My problem is that I could not get into the series. The hook that is supposed to keep the audience engaged and coming back for me was lost on me.

Do I recommend it? Not really.

Flashback Friday- Stargate (1994)

Science fiction is an interesting genre. It can have mass appeal (aka Star Wars or Star Trek) or it can be appealing to fans of the genre.

In 1994, the movie Stargate told the story of two men who discover an alien planet where the civilization resembles Ancient Egypt.

During an archaeological expedition in 1928 in Egypt, a mysterious device is found among the artifacts. Decades later, Dr. Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is a linguist who is invited to decipher an ancient hieroglyph that is military property. The device allows the users to be transported to another planet. Daniel joins the team under the command of┬áColonel Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil (Kurt Russell). The civilization they encounter looks remarkably like Ancient Egypt, including worship of the Sun God Ra (Jaye Davidson). ┬áBut there is more to this civilization and it is connected to the stargate.

While I love Star Wars, I would not say that overall I am a fan of science fiction. While there are many fans of this movie and the television shows that followed it, I personally found the movie to be too into the genre.

Do I recommend it? If you are a fan of the genre, then yes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t.

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