Is Michael Bloomberg’s Apology Really an Apology?

It takes a grownup to apologize for a mistake or an error in judgment.

Over the weekend, former New York City Mayor and potential 2020 Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg apologized for the stop and frisk policy that was on the books during his time in office.

I appreciate that he apologized. Unlike you know who, he recognized that he made a mistake.

However, I have to question if this admission of wrongdoing is genuine or is it a ploy to get the attention of voters and win the nomination? The timing is questionable. It almost feels a little too planned, as if the apology is the hook to bring in voters of color.

Granted, I am not a person of color whose life has been turned upside by a false accusation. But my instinct tells me that something is not right here.

Readers, what do you think? Is Mayor Bloomberg genuine or is he just another politician who will say or do anything for a vote?

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