Thoughts On The Michael Cohen Hearing

When we were children, we were taught that lying is bad. There are consequences for not telling the truth.

Today, Michael Cohen appeared before Congress for the second time. He appeared to be contrite and from a certain perspective, he appeared to finally speak the truth. The question is, was he really telling the truth or was he again lying to save his own skin?

He stated that you know who is a cheat, a liar and a con man. The 2016 election was not about the genuine belief that you know who could govern this country, it was a marketing ploy to increase business. The payments to Stormy Daniels were directed by you know who to ensure that the affair would stay a secret until after the election. You know who also knew about the Clinton emails before they were released to the public.

Both Republicans and Democrats wanted the truth, at the end of the day. While the Republicans focused on the fact that Mr. Cohen lied during his previous hearing, the Democrats seemed more interested in the facts.

Though I am a Democrat and proudly so, I have to agree with the Republicans in this instance. If Mr. Cohen lied previously, can Congress and the American people trust that he is telling the truth this time? Even if he is finally telling the truth backed up by cold, hard facts, he is still going to prison for three years while his former client is free as a bird.

As a fellow Jew, I am sure that Mr. Cohen is aware of the Al Chet prayer we chant during Yom Kippur. Al Chet is basically a confession, where we admit to our creator that we have sinned during the past year. Where he is going, from my perspective, it will take more than chanting Al Chet to be absolved of his sins.

P.S. Mr. Cohen also lost his law license yesterday.  It’s not karma, but it’s a step in the right direction.


We Have a School Yard Bully in the White House

When one grows up, the expectation is that one grows out of the immature name calling and accusations that are part of the school yard experience. Unfortunately, some never grow out of it.

Earlier this week, the lawsuit that Stormy Daniels filed against you know who was thrown out by a Judge on the grounds of freedom of speech. He responded by calling her horse face on Twitter.

While I don’t know, nor do I care if the alleged affair is fact or fiction, what I do care about is his behavior. He is not only a grown man, but the President Of The United States. There is an expectation of decorum, maturity and responsibility that is non-existent in this man.

I have to wonder what the rest of the world thinks of this man. I hope that the everyday American is not judged by the actions of you know who. I also have to wonder what the parents of the young children today are telling their children. How are they supposed to teach their children how to treat others with respect and dignity if you know is setting an example of being a mean-spirited, closed-minded and to be frank, cruel human being?

I don’t have the answers. The only thing I know is that we have a school yard bully in The White House.




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