New York Historical Society

New York City is known for its museums. I dare anyone to not find a museum in New York City that does not interest them.

A block from the famous Natural History Museum, sits the New York Historical Society. Chronicling the history of  New York City and her citizens, this museum is both traditional and unorthodox in their exhibitions.

Back in October, the historical society opened its newest exhibit, Super Heroes in Gotham.

The exhibit tells the story of the superheros who have lived in various fictional versions of New York, their creators and how these larger than life characters have evolved over the years.

If the 1960’s Batmobile does not get you in, it will surely be the Superman costume that greets you at the beginning of the exhibit that pulls you in.

Great for fans, kids and kids at heart, this exhibit is not to be missed.

Superheroes In Gotham will be at the New York Historical Society until February 21st, 2016 and is  located at 170 Central Park West in New York City. 

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