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You Know Who Paid Less Than $1000 in Taxes

We all know that we have a responsibility to pay our taxes every year. The money we pay is used to fund school, roads, hospitals, etc. In theory, your annual salary should correlate to our annual tax bill. Therefore those who make the most should have a higher tax bill and those who pay the least should have a lower tax bill.

But an idea in theory and idea in reality is two different things entirely. For example, it has been the political norm for decades that every Presidential candidate release his or her tax returns to the public. The only one who has made up excuses as to why we have not seen his taxes up to his point is you know who.

Now we know how much he paid in taxes. He paid $750.

In this case, the apple does not fall too far from the tree. According to multiple sources, his father, Fred Trump was equally good at evading the IRS.

From my perspective, this man has done nothing but lie and try to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public for four years. If his claims of wealth are true, his tax return should indicate so. The facts as I see it, indicate that the truth has been skillfully hidden. Either his income in over-inflated, or he found a way to cheat the system.

Either way, he has proven once again why he is unfit for office.


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Thoughts On the Recent Supreme Court Rulings

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. However, that does not mean that I as an individual citizen has to agree with every ruling.

Though it is not written in stone, it is a tradition that all Presidents release copies of their tax returns and/or financial statements. Since you know who won the election nearly four years ago, he has come up with every excuse in the book as to why the paperwork has not been made public. Today, SCOTUS ruled that the tax returns have to be released to prosecutors in regards to the cases building against him in New York.

On the surface, the decision by SCOTUS (including you know who’s choices to join the court) seem like a 100% victory. It’s not, the fine print says that much. But it is a giant step in the right direction. The big baby is not immune from prosecution and must conform to the laws like anyone else.

The other ruling concerns the constant determination by the right (and the current administration by extension) to deny a woman her right to contraception. Instead of directly denying a female employee access to birth control, they are leaving it up to the prerogative of her employer.

If you can, imagine the following scenario: a pregnant woman goes to her doctor for a routine checkup. She is told that there has been a change to the fetus. It is no longer medically viable. She could carry the pregnancy to term, but there are risks in doing so. She could also end the pregnancy, but her employer does not believe in abortion. If she chooses an abortion, she will have to pay a potentially outrageous sum out of pocket because of her employer’s beliefs.

Does that sound right to you? It doesn’t sound right to me. From my perspective, the only thing my bosses should be worrying about is my ability to do my job. My personal life (medical decisions included) are frankly, none of their dam business.

Happy Thursday.

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