Throwback Thursday: Young Sheldon (2017-Present)

To know someone, it helps to know who they were as a child and the experiences of their early years.

Young Sheldon (2017-Present) is the prequel to The Big Bang Theory. The show stars Ian Armitage as the young Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons as an adult). Though he is educationally smarter than other kids his age, he lacks the social skills that would allow him to easily spend time with his peers.

I’ve sat through at least one episode of this program. After thirty minutes, I knew that I would never watch it again. After five years, there is obviously enough of an audience to keep it on the air. But I am not among them. I find Sheldon to be obnoxious and a turnoff.

Do I recommend it? No.


Flashback Friday: The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)

Of the hundreds of television pilots that are filmed every year, only a few are given a season to develop. Even fewer last well beyond the first thirteen episodes they are granted by the network.

The Big Bang Theory aired from 2007-2019. The narrative of the show followed the relationships between pretty girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and her nerdy neighbors, Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).

I’ve seen enough of this show to know that I didn’t get it. There was obviously enough people watching for it to last as long as it did. But it was not one of those television shows that I would say that I watched with any amount of regularity.

Do I recommend it? Not really.

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