RIP tWitch

For many living with mental illness, the only way out is suicide.

Earlier this week, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, best known as the DJ for the Ellen DeGeneres Show took his own life. He was 40.

The thing about mental health issues is that they are not obvious. It’s not the same as wearing a cast for a month to heal a broken leg. Just because someone is smiling on the outside does not mean that there isn’t a torrent of emotions on the inside. I think there are a lot of people who try to understand, but they really don’t.

It is often seen as the only way to get rid of the pain. As difficult as that is to comprehend, it is the truth. I don’t know why he did what he did. But it was obviously a sign of deeper issues that remained unresolved.

I wish that he had talked to someone before making the ultimate decision. Whatever he was going through, he felt like there was one way to make it stop.

My heart goes out to the people who knew his best. May his memory be a blessing. Z”L.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call 988 or your local crisis helpline. Your life is worth it.


Thoughts On the Ellen Show Controversy, Mental Illness, and Toxic Workplaces

Anyone who has been in the working world for enough time would easily be able to list the issues they have with their current job or had with previous jobs. But there is difference between the average complaint and a toxic workplace.

Actress and comedian Ellen DeGeneres has hosted her own talk show for the last 17 years. A mainstay of daytime TV, Ellen comes off as the best friend the audience wish they could have. But recently, the reputation of the show and it’s namesake has been tarred by complaints of mistreatment of behind the scenes staff.

As of Friday, three of the program’s producers were fired and Ellen has since apologized.

Working in a toxic environment is akin to psychological torture. Logically, you know that you need the paycheck and the benefits that come with the job. But, at a certain point, it becomes a question of whether or not it is worth your mental health to continue at a job in which you are seen as worthless and incapable.

Over the past few years, the subject of mental health has become a topic that has come to the forefront. I’ve spoken many times on this blog about the importance of being mentally healthy and physically healthy. Part of that is feeling respected and appreciated at work.

Unfortunately, this will not be the first company, nor will this be the last company to create a less than ideal working environment for their staff. I just hope that this is a lesson on how not to treat your staff.

Throwback Thursday-The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003-Present)

Daytime TV talk shows, especially the ones where the guests are performers hawking their next project can be pretty mundane. It is there, up to the host to add color, life and a distinct personality to the show.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been on the air since 2003. Hosted by actor/comic Ellen DeGeneres, this talk show blends the traditional elements of a daytime talk show with games, audience participation and other segments.

Though I am not home to watch this show, when I do, I find myself enjoying it. As a host, Ellen is engaging, personal and feels more like a friend than a daytime talk show host.

I recommend it.

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