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The Nanny and Home Alone Reboots are Unnecessary

Every twenty years or so, Hollywood looks to the past for inspiration. Much of this inspiration turns into reboots of beloved movies or television programs.

The most recent reboots to be announced are a Broadway adaptation of the 1990’s television program The Nanny and the early 90’s Christmas classic Home Alone.

As I see it, both are unnecessary. As much as I dislike the overuse of stereotypes, The Nanny is a charming and funny program about a fish out of water with a Sound of Music narrative. Home Alone and it’s first sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York are outright classics. After all of these years, not only do I not only know these movies by heart, but I always have a few belly laughs while watching the films.

While I understand the reason for wanting to reboot both The Nanny and Home Alone, neither reboot is necessary. Its as if there are no new ideas in Hollywood or producers are unwilling to consider new writers with new narratives.

I have an idea. Instead of rebooting older ideas, how about giving new writers with new voices and new stories a chance? I have a few stories that I would love to see transferred from page to screen.

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Thoughts On the Potential Buffy and Nanny Reboots

Success in the entertainment industry in general and on television is sometimes like catching lightning in a bottle. You may get lucky once, but getting lucky twice is an opportunity that very few experience.

Nostalgia, especially in Hollywood is often the impetus for the creation of certain television shows and movies. These days, nostalgia for the 1990’s opened the door for both Will and Grace and Roseanne (that is, before the show was cancelled due to the Roseanne Barr’s Twitter foot in mouth disease) to be successfully rebooted. But that doesn’t mean that every rebooted movie or television show based on a classic will be a hit.

Back in the day, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Nanny were two of the most popular shows on television. So naturally the question came about from the studios about rebooting both Buffy and The Nanny.

As much as I would be interested in a reboot of both shows, the reality is that not every television show that was rebooted was successful. The modern reboots of Charlie’s Angels and Bionic Woman failed miserably.

Only time will tell if both shows are rebooted and how successful the reboots may be. But sometimes, it’s best to let the past remain in the past and that includes television shows.

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Early Flashback Friday-Happily Divorced (2011-2013)

There is nothing like translating real world experiences into art.

In the short-lived television series, Happily Divorced (2011-2013), Fran Lovett (Fran Drescher) has just learned that her husband of nearly two decades, Peter Lovett (John Michael Higgins) is gay. Instead of going their separate ways, Fran and Peter decide to make their new relationship work.

Based on Drescher’s real life (her IRL ex husband Peter Marc Jacobson also came out of the closet during their marriage, they divorced after 21 years of marriage), the show tries to re-interpret the family sitcom for the modern era that we live in.

The problem with the show is that while it was moderately entertaining and funny, it did not have the lasting power of Drescher’s other show, The Nanny.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.



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Throwback Thursday-TV Edition-The Nanny (1993)

Life can be very interesting sometimes. We think we are down for the count, but then an opportunity appears and we take it, not knowing what will happen.

In The Nanny (1993), Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) has been dumped by her boyfriend and has lost her job. In an effort to earn a living, she sells makeup door to door. She knocks on the door of Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy), a British widowed Broadway producer with three growing children. Believed to be on of the applicants who is looking to work for Mr. Sheffield as his children’s nanny, she takes on the position of raising her charges in a world that is not her own.

Fran is crass, outspoken, likes her hair big, her skirts small and raised in a Jewish family from Flushing. Maxwell is from the upper classes of Britain who is proper, controlled and respectable. While the basis of the story can be found in The Sound Of Music, there are also elements of I Love Lucy. But Fran also has a big heart and loves her charges as if they were her own.

Do I recommend it?  It’s not Shakespeare, but it’s nice way to unwind at the end of the day.

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