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My Pet Peeve

The New York City Public Transportation System, for all of it’s problems, is wonderful.  There are very few cities in the world, where for one fare,  a passenger can travel from one end of the city the other.

But I have a pet peeve about my fellow riders.

We are paying for 1, count them, one seat. That means that for one fare each rider is entitled to one seat.

My pet peeve is when my fellow riders do one or more of the following:

  • Put their bag on the seat next to them or casually let their bags hang over the next seat.
  • Straddle two seats.
  • Spread their legs wide in a man or woman spreading position as if they were home, relaxing on their recliner.

I saw all of this yesterday on my way home. They were lucky that it was a Sunday night and the train was mostly empty. Had it been Monday morning, they would have been forced to make room for their fellow passengers (shocking, I know).

I know I am not the perfect passenger, I have transgressed a few rules. But it still my pet peeve when two (or three) seats are taken over for no good reason.

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