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The Power Of Focus Book Review

For every goal we have, there are a million excuses. The problem with these excuses is that if they go unchecked, our goals may become permanently derailed.

Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen and Les Hewitt’s book, The Power Of Focus, is about getting the reader back on track and away from the excuses that have prevented them from reaching their goals. The book is filled with stories of real people who have reached their goals and have been able to move past previous obstacles that previously prevented them from reaching their goals. Also contained within each chapter is an exercise that forces the reader to confront whatever maybe holding them back from achieving whatever they are looking to achieve.

I didn’t know what to expect what I started reading this book. The amount of self help and motivational books on the market is staggering. But are very few that force the reader to face what is really keeping them from reaching their goals and encourages them to move forward, despite the obstacles they may encounter.

I recommend it.

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