Throwback Thursday-The Proposal (2009)

For many around the world, America is the shining beacon of freedom, opportunity and democracy.

In the 2009 movie, The Proposal, Canadian born Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is seeing her time in the US run out. The expiration date on her visa is approaching quickly.  She convinces her soft-spoken and compliant assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her so she can stay in the US. But the INS is not convinced that the marriage is real. In return for marrying her, Margaret will give Andrew that longed for promotion.

To convince the INS that the marriage is real, Andrew and Margaret must go to Andrew’s family home in Alaska for his grandmother’s 90th birthday. Will Margaret’s plan work or will the INS finally catch up with them?

As rom-coms go, this one is not that bad. Even with the standard tropes and characters of the genre, it is genuinely entertaining.

I recommend it.

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