Throwback Thursday-The Queen (2006)

It can sometimes be said that we show our true colors when the chips are down.

In the 2006 movie, The Queen, Queen Elizabeth II (Helen Mirren) is facing a dilemma that no one saw coming.

The death of her ex-daughter in law, Princess Diana has left the country and the world devastated. For the sake of her family, Elizabeth believes the mourning in private is best. But the people are starting to ask why their Queen has not publicly addressed them. It is up to Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) to convince Elizabeth to speak to the public and address the overwhelming grief that they are all experiencing.

As a performer, Helen Mirren can do no wrong in my eyes. What I like about this movie is that it brings us back to that horrible summer when Princess Diana died and it normalizes the grief, especially for those whose feelings we can only speculate on.

I recommend it.

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