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Add Another One To The List IX: Danny Masterson

The list of prominent dishonorable men accused of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment has added a new name to the list: Danny Masterson.

Mr. Masterson has been fired from his Netflix series, The Ranch, after he was accused of rape by multiple women.

The women who make these accusations are not just a series of body parts that make up the female human body. We are someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s sister, someone’s daughter, etc. The problem is that the perpetrators don’t see us like that.

Mr. Masterson has a wife and a daughter. I would ask him and every man accused of similar heinous actions how they would feel if it was their wife, their mother, their sister, their daughter, etc, who was raped or made to feel less the human because she is a woman? Would they be so willing to act as they did? I would think not.

I feel no sympathy for Mr. Masterson and I applaud the women who have come forward. Karma, after all, is a b*tch and she has no problem speaking up and fighting back.

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