Flashback Friday- Television Shows That Ended Before Their Time-The Riches (2007) & Dirty Sexy Money (2007-2009)

For every television show that is successful, there are many others that are not successful or that end before their time.

Two of these shows are The Riches (2007) and Dirty Sexy Money (2007-2009).

The Riches

Wayne Malloy (Eddie Izzard) and his wife Dahlia (Minnie Driver) are a couple  of con artists. Dahlia has just been released from jail. After a car accident, Wayne has had an epiphany. He wants to live a normal life with his wife and children.  Moving to suburbia, he thinks that changing the family name will allow them to move on from their past. But the past is not too far behind.

This show aired on F/X. It was a quirky, funny family drama set in the American South.  Created by a Russian Jew and led on screen by two British actors, this show was a standout for me. It’s just too bad that the people who run F/X did not agree.

Dirty Sexy Money

The Darlings are the wealthiest family in New York City. Led by Patrick “Tripp” Darling III (Donald Sutherland), this family is powerful. But with power and money, comes secrets. Nick George (Peter Krause) is the son the late lawyer of the Darlings. Nick spent more time with the Darlings than he did with his own family because his father was as the beck and call of his employers. A generation later, Nick has taken over his father’s position.  Nick tries to keep a reasonable work/life balance, but the more he tries to keep his professional and private life separate, the more they intertwine.

Dirty Sexy Money definitely took a page from the nighttime soaps of the 1980’s. With New York City as a backdrop and the core conflict raging inside of Nick, it was an entertaining television show. It’s just too bad that it only had two seasons.

I recommend both.

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