Vindication Of The Rights Of Women Book Review

There are a lot of books about feminism. The Second Sex, The Feminine Mystique, etc, have become classics and must reads for women of all ages.

But there is only one that is great grandmother of them all. Mary Wollstonecraft’s 1792 manifesto, A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women.

What she asks for is so simple and so timeless. She is asking for education, the ability to earn a reasonable income. She is asking for respect, to not be looked down upon and talked about because she chooses to not be like every other woman.

One of her points, which sticks out to me is that if a woman’s only goal in life is marriage and children, how is she supposed to educate her children if she is uneducated?

That question was true in her time and ours.  There are many women in parts of the world where the ability to go to school and earn a living is denied to them. Even in many first world countries, where women have unparalleled access to education and have reached the pinnacle of their careers, there is still pressure to walk down the aisle and have a kid or two.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely.

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