Flashback Friday: The Zoo (2016-Present)

When we are children, going to the Zoo is a good day out.

The Zoo has been part of the Animal Planet lineup since 2016. This reality series follows the staff of the Bronx Zoo in New York City as they take care of the thousands of animals under their care.

I love this series. Though it is a reality show, it is the type of program that the audience will learn from instead of having their brains fried. The staff clearly love their job, treating the animals as if they were a common house pet instead wild animals who are under their protection. I also love that they talk about climate change and animal conservation in a way that is palatable and educational without the audience being aware of the lesson they are learning.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely.


The Aquarium Review

The behind the scenes point of view is often (at least to my point of view) the most interesting and least mind numbing of the reality show sub-genres.

Last night, The Aquarium premiered on Animal Planet. An offshoot of The Zoo, The Aquarium goes behind the scenes of the running of the Georgia Aquarium. Each episode, the viewer is introduced to the animals that live in the aquarium, the staff that take care of the animals and the work that it takes to maintain the aquarium.

I like this show. It is not only entertaining, but it teaches about the importance of conservation without hitting the viewer over the head.

I recommend it.

The Aquarium airs on Sunday night at 8:00 on Animal Planet.

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