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Throwback Thursday-Trading Spaces (2000-2008)

Nowadays, it’s not too hard to find a home makeover show. But in the early 2000’s, the concept was defined by one show: Trading Spaces.

Based on the BBC series Changing Rooms, the concept of the show is as follows: two couples will work with a designer to renovate a room in each other’s houses. They have two days to complete the renovation and a budget of $1,000. Neither couple is aware of what has been done to the room in their house until the big reveal. The results of the revelation are sometimes interesting to say the least.

While Trading Spaces did fall within the category of reality television, it was family friendly and not as out there as other reality shows from the era.

Recently, the show was rebooted. While I have not seen the new episodes, it looks to still be Trading Spaces with some minor changes.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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