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If They Really Want To Stand For 11 Hours….

Imagine that you have purchased a plane ticket for a transatlantic flight. It is a 11 hour flight that will take you halfway across the world.

You get to the airport, pickup your ticket and get through security without a problem. The plane is scheduled to take off on time.

And then a group of ultra Orthodox Jewish men delay the flight because, heaven forbid, they will be sitting next to a woman for the length of the flight.

I’m all for live and let live. I’m also all for freedom of religion. But this is ridiculous.

So they sit next to a woman for the flight. It is possible to sit next to a stranger for the length of a flight and ignore them. Take a few books to read, bring a laptop with a couple of DVD’s or even watch the in flight entertainment. One does not have to make a ruckus and delay the flight.

But if they really want to stand for 11 hours, who I am to stand in their way?

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