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The Rights of Transgender Americans Are About to be Taken Away

The reality of gender and sexuality is that neither can easily fit into a box. But some people still believe that gender and sexuality are binary and limited to two boxes: male and female. Anyone who does not fall into these specific boxes is therefore an other.

The administration of the current resident in The White House is considering a proposal to define sex and sexuality. Any protections and rights that those who identify as transgender could be potentially stripped away.

I am not only bothered as an American, but on a personal level. As an American, I am bothered that the inalienable rights of my fellow citizens are being denied because they don’t fit into someone else’s too neat box. I am bothered on a personal level because I have a relation who is near and dear to me who identifies as transgender. To know that this person would be denied their rights because of who they are not only breaks my heart, but makes me angry.

The midterm elections are coming in two weeks. As citizens, we have a responsibility to vote to ensure that all citizens, regardless of labels are not denied their rights. No one should be denied their unalienable rights because they don’t fit into the neat little boxes of others.


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Warning: This post reveals spoilers of this week’s episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. If you have not seen the episode, I will not be offended if you do not read any further.

The premise of the episode is as follows: A transgender teen Avery Parker (Christopher Dylan) is taunted and attacked by a group of African-American teenagers.  After sustaining traumatic injuries, he passes away from his injuries. One of the young men who attacked him, Darius McCrae (Dante Brown), is being tried as an adult for the crime.

The question posed around the squad room is a difficult one. Darius is only fifteen, should he be tried as an adult or as a juvenile?

What struck me about this episode was that hate is a waste. It is a waste of time, of breath, of life.  The end result was that Darius was tried as an adult and his crime was labelled as a hate crime. He would not be a free man until he was in his 20’s.

There was no reason for Avery to die and Darius to spend his formative years in prison. In the end, two lives were forever changed and two families have to face the reality of the loss of their child.

I hope it was worth it. It feels like a waste to me.


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