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New York Transit Museum

One of New York City’s greatest cultural assets is our museums. The sheer number of them is incredible.

Today I had the opportunity to visit the New York Transit Museum. Located in a defunct train station in Brooklyn Heights, the transit museum is not the traditional museum. Perfect for kids and families, it is the history of the New York City transit system that is told in a fun and accessible way.

My favorite part of the visit was going through the various incarnations of the subway cars. Each train car is as it was during it’s own time. I half expected to see actors dressed in period costume to come through the doors and interact with each other. The advertisements in the train cars, told the story of the era that the car was used in, if one used those as the only reference of that specific era.

Compared to other museums, the price to get in extremely reasonable. Non senior citizen adult admission is $7.00, admission for children ages 2-17 is $5.00, senior citizen admission is $5.00 (it’s also free for people over 62 if they visit on Wednesday), and member admission costs nothing.

I highly recommend this museum, especially for kids. They will have a blast.

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