Flashback Friday-True Life (1998-Present)

It has been said that we can never truly understand how another person thinks or feels until we walk a mile in their shoes.

For over twenty years, MTV’s ground breaking series True Life (1998-Present) allowed the audience to walk a mile in the shoes of each episode’s subjects.  Addiction, sexuality/coming out of the closet, dealing with personal issues and health issues, life changes are just some of the subjects that have been presented to the audience.

What I appreciated then and now about True Life is that punches were not pulled. The reality of subject’s lives were not glossed over. Unlike other reality shows, this program showed real human beings dealing with stuff that we all deal with. Especially with controversial topics, True Life humanized the topic by putting a face to a name and allowing the viewer to connect emotionally to person whose story they were watching.

I recommend it.

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