Who Needs Friends Like the Kurds, Who Needs Enemies Like You Know Who?

Outside of family, friends are the most important people in our lives.

On the world stage, friends come in handy, especially when fighting an enemy whose sole aim is one’s destruction.

In Syria, the Kurds have been America’s ally in the war against ISIS. A politician who is well versed in this relationship and respects it would not abandon the Syrian Kurdish community to the mercy (or lack thereof) of Turkey. But you know who has decided that in his infinite wisdom, that we don’t need their support.

This community didn’t have to help us. But they did and this is how we thank them? My concern is that if we let you know who continue on this path, America will be isolated from the rest of the world. Our only friends will be countries who leadership has a questionable friendship with the United States.

In justifying his decision, he claimed that the decision was made because of the Kurds were not part of the Allies and did not participate in the Invasion of Normandy. That is the most ridiculous, nonsensical reason that I have ever heard from this man. Any voter with an ounce of sense would see this man as completely unfit for office and make dam sure that he is a one term President.

But there are fools in this country who continue to support him and will vote for him next fall. G-d help us all if he wins a second term, for we will need all of the help that we can get.



A young boy, not even 5 years old, lies dead on a beach in Turkey. His family, escaping from the  massacre and destruction in Syria, hoped that Turkey would provide the safety and security that was lost in their homeland. He was not the only member of his family to lose his life in the flight for freedom. He is not the only person who has died in their quest to freedom and security,  especially considering the volatile political and social environment in the Middle East.

The true tragedy of the current situation is that human beings are being used a social, political and religious pawns by their fellow human beings.  Life is no longer sacred, something to be cherished and respected.  The basic right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been replaced with my or the grave.

My heart is broken, not just for this young boy, who did not have even the opportunity to live, but for the many innocent people who have lost their lives in pursuit of safety and security.

In the midst of this death and destruction, the UN remains silent. The noble and honorable mission of the UN’s founders have been replaced by cowards and hypocrites.



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