$400 a Week is Pathetic

Anyone who has ever been on unemployment (myself included) can testify how financially difficult it is. While still some money coming in, it is far from enough to get by.

For the last few months, those rendered unemployed by Covid-19 have received $600 a week via the CARES act. Unfortunately, that money will no longer be going out because Congress cannot get their act together. In response, you know who signed an executive action to send $400 a week to those receiving unemployment.

Putting aside the request (if one wants to call it that) that the states have to put in 25% of the funds, $400 a week is pathetic.

$400 a week is $1600 a month, before taxes. Let’s imagine that one’s rent or mortgage is $1000 a month. That leaves $600 for the rest of the monthly expenses. If this person is lucky, the $600 will be just enough to cover the rest of their bills. That leaves nothing left over in the case of a financial emergency, which is bound to happen, sooner or later.

Two things bother me. The first is that this money belongs to the tax paying American public. We give this money to the government so they can take of us when need arises. The fact that they are unwilling to give us this badly needed money speaks volumes. The second is that the members of Congress earn more in a year than most of us see in our lifetimes. They don’t have to worry about if they will be able to stay in their homes or feed their families.

The only way to get the economy going is to get America back to work. Unfortunately, I have a feeling the $400 in unemployment will hinder, not help the current economic status.


An Open Letter To President Obama And Secretary Of State John Kerry

Dear President Obama and Secretary Of State Kerry

I want you to know that I voted for the both of you. I voted for you, Mr. President, twice. I voted for you, Mr. Kerry very eagerly in 2004, in hopes that you would defeat George Bush.

I now wish I had not.

It has been reported in the press that you will be giving $212 million dollars to the Palestinians to help them rebuild Gaza.

I have two questions and for once, I would like a straight answer.


Hamas has never disguised their true intentions. They care nothing for the people of Gaza, except to be used as human shields.  While I sympathize with the people in Gaza who are trapped under Hamas rule, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the person who shoots rockets into Israel and then cries crocodile tears when the IDF acts to protect the civilian population.

Hamas is alone responsible for the destruction of Gaza. This is not the first time they have received a financial transfusion. Instead of using that money to build up  the infrastructure and economy, it was used to buy rockets and build concrete tunnels into Israel.

In case you need reminding, one of the young men who was murdered at the start of the war this summer was an American citizen.


I can think of plenty of ways this money could be used to fix issues in this country. We have a national debt that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Last December, Congress voted to stop extended unemployment benefits after 27 weeks of unemployment. This means that when the period to receive state unemployment insurance has ended, there is no more unemployment.  I don’t know if you have ever been unemployed, but the maximum amount of money that unemployment insurance provides is $405. It may not sound like much (and believe me, it isn’t),  but that weekly $405 check is the only thing that keeps some people off the streets.  That $212 billion dollars could more than help those who need unemployment until they find work again.

You made me believe in you at one point. I had no doubt at that point in time, that you would follow through on your promises.

I now see that I was wrong.

Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen

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