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I Remember Miracle on the Hudson

When we travel, we hope that our trip will be uneventful and we will arrive at our final destination without any issues.

The passengers on US Airways Flight 1549 boarded a flight to Charlotte on January 15th, 2009. They didn’t expect to join the history books that day.

I remember that day, otherwise known as Miracle on the Hudson. At that time, I was working for company whose office was located in Midtown Manhattan. Because we were on a higher number floor, we were able to see the plane crash into the Hudson River.

By the grace of G-d, a luck of fate and the quick actions of the first responders, none of the passengers or crew lost their lives that day.

I’m not usually a believe in miracles. They seem to be dreamlike, almost too good to be true. But a miracle occurred on January 15th, 2009 and for that, I believe in miracles.

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