Undermining the Post Office Undermines Our Democracy

The core of the the Democratic experience is the right and the experience of voting.

Unfortunately, some politicians believe that the only way to keep their job is to ensure that not everyone can vote.

You know who’s latest scheme to ensure that he wins the election is voter suppression. In this case, it is by undermining the Post Office financially and preventing mail in voting.

Every four years, we are told that that year’s election is the most important election, for any number of reasons. This year, I believe is a make or break year for the United States. Covid-19 should not be an excuse to not vote. We need to vote, either in person or via mail. We need to tell our political leaders to stop listening to the lies and b*llsh*t of you know who and start listening to the average voter.

Most of all, we need to ensure that he is a one term President.


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