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Ticked Off Vic and the New Voting Prohibitions in Georgia

At the core of our country’s ideals is the promise that every adult citizen has a right to vote. More importantly, the vote is accepted and counted, regardless of any affiliations or labels. But there are some politicians, who for either personal gain or ideological reasons, would prefer to limit who has access to the voting booth.

In Georgia and Arizona, several GOP lawmakers have presented bills that if passed, would put boundaries on this most important of political actions. These people are not dumb. They know which members of the American public they are placing roadblocks in front of. They also know that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 prevents them from outright discrimination. Instead, provisions are sneaked in under the radar using specific language and details that are not always obvious upon the first read. I could go on further, but I will let Vic DiBitetto (Ticked Off Vic) take it from here.

Warning: this video contains language that some may find offensive.

The fact that it takes a foul mouthed New York comedian to reveal the truth speak volumes.

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The Importance Of The Voting Rights Act And Why It Must Be Preserved

The ability to vote and make your voice heard as a citizen is the core concept of any thriving and legitimate democracy.

In 1965, then President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The law ensured that all adult citizens have the right to vote and the barriers that had previously kept citizens of color from voting (i.e. literary tests and polling taxes) was now illegal.

Not surprising is that you know who would eagerly repeal the Voting Rights Act due to of the often circulated myth that millions voted fraudulently.

At a rally in Florida recently, he extolled the virtues of voter ID cards.

The fact is that voter ID cards is just another form of discrimination. Specifically, to delay and/or prevent minority voters from being able to able to exercise their legal right to vote.

You know who and those around him want to take us back sixty years, if not further.

The dream of America and the American democracy was built on the ideal that all citizens are created equal. While we as a country has not completely lived up to that ideal, we have come closer to that ideal than we have ever been in America history so far.

Instead of moving forward, we are moving backwards as a country. And if I am to be honest, I must admit that the backwards direction that we are moving in is quite scary from where I am standing.


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