Ben & Jerry’s Has Chosen to Boycott Israel. I Choose to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s.

In a living democracy, we have the right to protest when we disagree with a government or a private entity. But the key is knowing all of the facts.

The latest tactic by BDS is via the ice cream company Ben and Jerry’s. As of this week, the company will no longer be selling its products within the West Bank and Gaza.

I’m sure that the people who made this decision are not dumb. However, they made a dumb decision. Now granted, the company has been left leaning politically since its founding in the late 1970’s. But that does not mean that they are exempt from doing their homework before making such statements.

What people who support these anti-Israel boycotts don’t even consider is who is affected. Six years ago, the pressure go to the point in which a SodaStream plant had to close and remove hundreds of Palestinians from their payroll. These were good jobs with good pay. But because of anti-Semitism and the sheep like mentality of some people, these 500 employees had to find another way to earn a living.

We were given working brains for a reason. I wish that we use them before opening our mouths every once in a while. The next time I want ice cream, I will buy another brand.

P.S. If you would like to tell Ben & Jerry’s how wrong they are, the petition is here.


The Palestinian’s Covid Vaccine Loss is South Korea’s Gain

At the end of the day, hate is foolish and wasteful. It blinds us to our common humanity and keeps us from supporting one another in challenging times.

Covid-19 has taken the lives of millions around the world. But while those people will never be forgotten, millions of others have been saved via the vaccine. In Israel, the government offered offered 1 million doses to the Palestinian authority. Claiming that the doses were too close the expiration date, the offer was rejected.

Instead of the shots going into the arms of the residents of the Gaza and the West Bank, 700,000 of them will sent to South Korea at at the end of this month. In return, the Israeli government will be receiving the same amount of doses sometime in the fall.

We have a common enemy here. It is this virus that takes no prisoners and has no respect for the cultural, religious, or national boundaries. Until humanity realizes this, we will continue to see our loved ones taken from us and the world as we know it to be changed for the worst.

Free Palestine-From Whom?

The chants have been heard around the world: Free Palestine.

My question is, from whom should they be free from?

Free from the Israeli’s, who despite the violence, destruction and hateful rhetoric that comes out of the Gaza strip and the West Bank, provide food, supplies, electricity and medical care to the people who live in West Bank and Gaza?

Israel pulled out of Gaza nearly 10 years ago.  The rest of the world told them it was the right thing to do, despite the protests from Israelis who were living in Gaza and others outside of Israel. This was an opportunity for the Palestinians to build up their economy and their people. The money they received should have been used to build homes, school and hospitals. Instead it was used to buy bombs and build tunnels.

Or should they be free from Hamas, who they elected to lead them? Hamas, who puts rockets under civilian populations and knowing that Israel has sent warnings to the people of Gaza, encourages people to stay in their homes and become human shields?

Hamas, who then exploits the causalities for their benefit in front of the world and the world press. They use images and other media that has nothing to do with the current conflict to their advantage.

Some people say that IDF response is disproportionate. Let me ask you this. If you had a neighbor who on a daily basis, if they weren’t talking trash about you and your family, they were throwing rocks at your home and destroying your property? Would you sit back and just take it? Or would you step up and protect your home and your family?

If your thinking that I have  no sympathy for the people who live in Gaza, I do. No one should be  suffering and dying in a way that these people are dying. However, Hamas was legally elected by the people of Gaza to lead them.  If they wanted a legitimate democratic country and peace with Israel, they would find a way to make it happen. But that is not what is happening over there.

The next time you hear Free Palestine or see some idiotic tweet from a celebrity whose head is in their ass, do some research and then make up your mind. Can I tell you what to think or how to feel? No. But I can suggest that you look up the facts for yourself before making such a statement.


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