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I Agree With the Ban on Indoor Dining in NYC Restaurants

We all know the toll that Covid-19 has taken on our economy.

The latest news coming out of NYC is that as of tomorrow, indoor dining in restaurants is once again banned.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the ban. With Covid numbers rising across the country, it is the only way to try to gain some sort of control over the growing list of cases in the city.

I am fully aware that indoor dining is the only thing that is keeping a good number of restaurants open. However, given that the vaccine has yet to be administered and many refuse to follow the guidelines laid out by the CDC and the government, this is a necessary step to take until this second wave is over.

P.S. Is anyone truly surprised that the upper echelon of White House staffers will be among the first to receive the vaccine?


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Could You Know Who be Charged With Reckless Homicide?

The legal definition of reckless homicide is as follows:

A crime in which the perpetrator was aware that their act (or failure to act when there is a legal duty to act) creates significant risk of death or grievous bodily harm in the victim, but ignores the risk and continues to act (or fail to act), and a human death results.

For months, we have all known how dangerous and life-threatening Covid-19 is. The more than 200,00 American who have died from the virus is a testament to itself. When you know who was taken to the hospital last weekend after he tested positive, there many of us who did the “told you so” dance.

If there was any glimmer of hope that he had learned form the experience, it soon became obvious that hope with him is a mirage. The number of White House staffers getting sick grows longer every day. Adding to the list of the infected or possibly infected is not just those who work for you know who. He was the guest of honor at a fundraiser in New Jersey just days before he went to the hospital.

The question is, can he be charged with reckless homicide?

As far as we know, no one who has been or might be infected with Covid-19 from either the White House or the fundraiser has died. But the fact that he told Bob Woodward back in February that he knew and did nothing is in my mind enough information to charge him.

The question of if and when this comes to pass is unknown at this point. But given the evidence, as we know it to be today, I believe that there is a good chance he would be found guilty.

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