Wuthering Heights: Wild and Wanton Edition Review

One of the latest trend in fiction writing is taking a classic novel and adding elements that the original author never included.

As far as we know, Emily Bronte never knew the pleasures of the bedroom. The sexuality of Wuthering Heights and it’s leading couple, Heathcliff and Catherine is left to the imagination of the reader. Annabella Bloom has brought these elements to the surface with her retooling of Wuthering Heights into Wuthering Heights: The Wild and Wanton Edition.

The text of the novel remains unaltered, except for the additions the very descriptive sex scenes.

I do enjoy this book. Writing this kind of book is like walking a very fine line. The writer must remain true to the voices of the writer and the characters, but the additions must also fit in with the story. Adding a sex scene is easy. Adding a sex scene that fits the narrative and is true to the characters is the challenge.  Ms. Bloom does an excellent job of keeping Wuthering Heights, as we all know and love it, intact while adding sex scenes that fit in perfectly with the original narrative.

I recommend this book.


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