Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor Book Review

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of the most complicated political conflicts in our modern world.

In his new book, Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor, Yossi Klein Halevi tries to see both sides of the conflict. As an Israeli and a Jew, Mr. Halevi understands the frustration of the Israelis who simply want to live in peace, but must do what needs to be done to ensure the survival of their people. While doing this, he writes about the anger and disenfranchisement that is felt by the Palestinians. By the end of the book, Mr. Halevi does not offer any concrete solutions for solving the conflict. However, he does open the door to communication and holds out a figurative hand, in hopes that this may one day lead to the end of the conflict.

When wanting to resolve any conflict, the first step to ensure that cooler heads prevail before the parties sit down to hash out an agreement. This book is the figurative cooler head. Though I stand on the side of Israel when it comes to this particular disagreement, this book helped me to get off my soapbox if only for a moment to see the point of view from the other side. Sometimes, that is all it takes to start on the road to peace.

I absolutely recommend it.


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