The Bloody Chamber Book Review

Fairy tales are often though as stories for young children. One note characters and predictable plots are often the hallmarks of this genre. But, if a writer can think out of the box with three dimensional characters and unexpected plot twists, the adult reader may be as engaged as the child reader.

Angela Carter’s 2011 book, The Bloody Chamber: And Other Stories is an adult twist on the traditional and sometimes simple fairy tales. Pulling from a number of well known fairy tales, Ms. Carter’s adaptations are dark, sometimes violent and not for young children.

Did I like this book? Well it was short, but the length of the book is usually not a determining factor. In truth, the book was simply okay. But if I am looking for fractured or adult fairy tales, I would not go back to this book.

Do I recommend it? No.

Flashback Friday- Pinky And Brain (1995-1998)

Cartoons can be sweet, simple and appeal to young children.

Or they can snarky, intelligent, incredibly funny and appeal to an older audience.

Pinky And The Brain (1995-1998) is thankfully included in the second category.

Pinky and the Brain are lab mice. Pinky is dumb and British. The Brain is a genius.  By day, they are silent.  By night, the Brain tries to take over the world. Pinky somehow finds a way to screw it up.

This show, even though it was a cartoon and aired with the other cartoons, was different. It was funny, smart and commented on pop culture in a way that made the viewer think.

I recommend it.

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